DTube - Canadian BANNED From The United States Because Of An Investment! - SAY WHAT?!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about a recent story out of Canada/U.S. regarding a man by the name of Sam Znaimer who was banned from the United States due to an investment in a U.S. cannabis company.
Znaimer says he was held at the border for hours and told he could not enter the country due to the investment.
Think about this for a moment. The company he's invested in is a United States company. There's nothing illegal about investing in said U.S. company. The man is simply an investor.
However, according to Immigration lawyer Len Saunders, this is happening more often than people realize.
Investors and executives of these companies are calling Saunders in panic due to their inability to enter the United States. Licensed users are also being warned that they may not be able to enter the country from Canada.
Imagine that, bureaucracy infringing individual liberties and making absolutely everything in life difficult. Including crossing an invisible line.

We discuss what this means and the difficulties crossing the border from Canada into the United States.

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Good!. Dont invest in corporate cannabis.

I am so glad that the governments are desperate doing irrational things, libertarians should at least try to get to minarchism! Road pirates and the drug war are evil examples of statism, the NAP and self ownership can make a great country in between Canada and the US! I love you all! I'm out... We need a new version of Liberland! :D

Nothing says COMMUNISM more then the unconstitutional drug war .