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Josh Sigurdson reports on the most need to know statistics regarding the true nature of gun control.
As people hit the streets in the hundreds of thousands for the 'March For Our Lives' and the anti-gun lobby heats up to all time highs with emotional support from the left and the right, it's crucial for people to actually break free from the emotional assumptions and understand the FACTS.

According to the FBI and NSC, statistically, places with concealed carry and open carry have far less crime. People can focus all day on gun crimes, but to not factor in all violent crimes, theft, murder and other forms of abuse is to not actually care about the argument in question.
Places like Chicago and Detroit make up for the majority of shootings in the United States. Places like Britain and Australia have actually seen increased forms of assault, murder and theft following gun confiscation and control.

Criminals do not follow laws. Nor does the organized crime racket everyone would be giving their guns to. Government. The entity that has killed more people than anything else in the history of the world.

This is a problem of dependence and regurgitation of TV talking points. Individuals must stop depending on government and instead be independent free individuals as they are intrinsically or else we shall quickly fall into absolute tyrannical servitude.

In this video, countless stats are provided that blow the official mainstream narrative out of the water.

We can't wake everyone up on our own. Share this video with everyone! Let's make this viral!

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You're using facts and logic to debunk the arguments from the left. That's going to cause them to vilify you as a fascist.

Yeah, nothing I'm not already used to, but if I can shake 2 out of 50 out of their stupor, I'll be happy. lol

Oh, this is by far the only point against gun control.
For one thing, im a liberal. As such i obviously support the liberty to own a gun.
Which is a concern seperate to the mere effects.
How else am i going to defend my seeds from and shoot the sheriff while i smoke two joints?

And there is the 2nd amendment which makes keeping and bearing arms a RIGHT. Now, that does mean you cant just deny this right to substance users, felons or the "mentaly ill" (thats why democratic nations have voting booths in prisons during election time) and it also CANT be limited to firearms. It says arms, not firearms. And there are way more powerful weapons around and in private hands at that time. Such as battleships and canons. How many people can one shot of a canon kill? Well, how many people fit on one ship?

Its big news if a 15 people die from a gun. But the ~700 which die every day due to mistakes in hospitals in the US? No word. That discrepancy kinda shows that there is not such a big problem.

In fact, a majority of gun related deaths are suicides. So someone is empowered by something he has a right to own to actualise the right to his own life. Where is the problem? Suicide is definatly NOT a problem. Its a solution. It would be better for people not to get into a situation where it is at least a reasonable solution, but they do and if they do, they have every right to end it.

The best I have come out with to explain all this is a simple question to emotional gun grabbers.

If you put a loaded AR15 in the middle of times square for eternity and no one touches it how many does it kill?

Look to mental health issues.

If they put a bubble over the US and took all the firearms there would be over 100k back on the streets every week. People do not understand I think that there are millions of machinists in the US that do not need to buy them they can make them, they also make subs and tanks and jets and rocket launchers, just normal 9 to 5, $20 a hr workers... Makes me wonder who they think makes them .... lol

"Overwhelmingly low in areas with concealed and open carried" nuff said




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As man i can understand why americans need gun protect thier family, i wish india could have the same policy, and i hate fucking son of bitch who killed some innocent lives. i'm sorry for their lives.

I don't understand why you blame the gun.

Gun won't kill lives, man has to take responsibility responsibility.

Good stuff Josh.