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Confession time: This government-hating, anti-Left Steemian made a tiny political contribution to an American Democratic presidential candidate.

Why would I do something so "reckless," you ask? Because she is the only declared candidate who is right on one extremely important issue: getting us out and keeping us out of the foreign wars we should have never been involved with in the first place. The Democratic Party, every bit as hawkish as the GOP, has done its best to suppress Gabbard's candidacy and message (with the requisite help from the MSM, of course).

I disagree with her stance on just about everything else, and I am not the voting kind in any case, so I wouldn't be heading to the polls to cast a ballot for her. However, to get access to the Democratic primary debates in the first place, she has to have received donations from 65,000 unique individuals. So, in order that at least one pro-peace voice is out there next election cycle, she got $5 from me. If you are the slightest bit interested in ceasing our military intervention in other sovereign nations who have not threatened or attacked the United States, I invite you to throw a few bones her way as well if you are a qualifying United States citizen or resident.

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I would give her a few bucks, but since the debates, primaries, and nomination are all rigged over at the Demoncratic party, it would mean nothing.

Yeah, she won't get far, but it would be nice to have an anti-war voice among all of the declared candidates this time around. The Dems are already avoiding any discussion of her, even going so far as to leave her off of polls and such.

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