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In this my place the waiting becomes long, I feel that the smile has not arrived, at least for a while, for a few hours. The doors of this room are silent and the heat is different. The cold has become loneliness and fear. This office grows old with its equipment, my notebook and its sadness. In the outskirts fall the mango trees and the cotoperi, a man who waters the garden observes between his hunger, as a young man dressed in blue high school approaches, and thinks that possibly that young man will only return to satiate his heartbreaking need. Sighs and returns to his cubicle, dies at times of nostalgia.

Every day we are more those who insist on wanting to change, and less those who insist, but insist. As we also are more those who fight for a better country, and every day less those who fight, but struggle.

The house is not taken because a man has walked back twenty blocks to teach his son that the paths of life are not the color of roses, but a life of labyrinths that needs to be explored with maturity. She lies on the bed to find reasons for life in her passion, because being a family head is that, a deep poetic conviction.

The house is not empty because today the neighbors are more friends and fight together to solve the water problem in their sector, and wanted to mourn when they gave hugs of peace. Today the neighborhood is filled with love because the constancy of fighting for a change, become lights.

Go home because the shadow continues to have its most dangerous adversary. Since with you inside her; we can continue hopeful. We can remake ourselves in the absolute certainty generated by the new questions and the new miracles.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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