Trump to Meet With Kim Jong Un on Tuesday

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In current international affairs, Trump’s meeting with N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un could possibly be coupled with misunderstanding and renewed tension.

However, for this year’s midterm elections, where control of the House of Representatives will be determined, analysts mostly see an upside for Republicans.

Trump is meeting Kim on today in Singapore, in an effort to bring together two leaders, that were a year ago, were threatening military use.

A recent poll shows Trump is meeting with support from a wide swath of Americans, but expectations are so low Trump can count the meeting as a win unless the outcome is disastrous. Shibley Telhami, Director of the University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll, said: “It does give the president an opportunity to claim success with the American people.”

More than a third of Americans believe Trump will make progress on “some issues” but not on denuclearization, the poll states. However, three in 10 said they expect the summit to fail.

A third of Americans — including 17% of independents — said the run-up to the summit gave them a more positive view of Trump, compared with 14% who said it created more negative feelings and nearly half who said Trump’s diplomatic efforts in Asia had no impact on their views of him.

“I expect the reaction to be partisan because our partisan divide is so deep that it is overtaking any objective analysis of consequences,” Telhami also said.

"The fact that he is about to have a photo with the leader of North Korea, that is a big deal," said Frank Luntz, a Republican political consultant. "The visual is 10 times more important than the words."

The president has stated there's no likelihood of a breakthrough agreement. He stressed he doesn't expect much from his meeting, other than laying the foundation for a relationship that has been virtually dead for decades.

Analysts said they agree that some progress with North Korea would bode well and be seen as a victory. Sadly though, the feeling shared by analysts is that the threat of sanctions and tough talks would have the same effect on Trump's base as a peaceful outcome.

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It's sad all we hear about on TV and the news is how bad and disappointing Trump is but when you hear people outside the US.. It's a different story all together.. The man maybe an ass but he is doing his job and doing it right..
Keep up the good news..

I belong to a group called informationwar, if you hashtag that on articles like this, you will get noticed and upvoted more easily.

And yes, its amazing how full of baloney mainstream news can be.

Trump is not the kind of ideologue that we admire like the Pauls, but he's done more to reinvigorate peace and freedom than any president since Reagan. And even then, he may prove to be even better than he was.

"the feeling shared by analysts"

which analysts?