Is Anarcho-Capitalism The Next Step In Human Evolution?

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If you are familiar with the works of Nietzsche you know that man is something that is to be overcome – I give you the Superman. What will be left in the abyss when man is overcome? The state will be left in the abyss, and it did not manage to kill us.

I do not know for certain why we got the state, but I do know that it is certainly a thief.

A thief is someone how takes something from a person/ entity
The state takes something from B
The state is a thief

Posing as a benefactor for the common good, while stealing is also lying as well.
It is evil.

The classical liberals say that we need the state for certain purposes (defence, law, police). This is called minarchism.

I think this is not caused by the obvious logical fallacy, but that they are utopist.

They believe in the perfect state. As we know utopia can never be achieved. As we know the state is evil.
Life is going to be hard by default.

To believe in minarchism is reductio ad absurdum. And even a smaller state will grow a new viciously snapping head back

It is always better to decrease the state more and more. And in the end, cut the last head of Hydra’s head of with a cauterizing blade.

Some people argue that the free market cannot give us roads. That some landowners will set up extremely expensive toll roads and block passage of friendly people. As long as we have property rights, private companies will certainly specialize in building roads and do it laissez-faire.

Some people argue that anarcho-capitalism will yield feudalism. We already live in a feudal society now, where the money makers have most of the wealth. More freedom can never yield more feudalism. Decentralized currencies cannot yield feudalism.

I do believe that we get more tribalism, in that people of the same race will choose to live with each other. They will do this because we are all racist. Racism is healthy. It is the tribe’s immune system. Pure racism can never be unhealthy.

People that are able to think rational and seek the Truth, will be able to overcome the man.

I welcome you – Superman. You are an anarcho-capitalist.

By @janusface

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Definitely food for thought and I know exactly where you're coming from.

Only time will tell what will unfold. I am looking forward to what could potentially be and welcome it.

Once the we let the genie out the bottle, there will be no going back.