My One Point Plan For Successful Libertarian Party

in #politics6 years ago (edited)

  1. Respect the bottom up structure of the party by ensuring the autonomy of state parties is not abridged and that the LNC functions to assist state parties where needed.

Let's be honest, a centralized authority to micromanage the party is not a road to success. The state parties and local parties are the only ones that can act best for the interest of the people of those areas. Every place, hell, every individual is different and will require a different approach to bring them to libertarianism

The LNC should not attempt to micromanage how our activists spread that message, as across the nation a diversity of tactics is required since we have a diverse population that has different concerns that need to be addressed. What works for Larry Sharpe in New York is not the same thing that will work for myself in Michigan. We need to embrace these different approaches and we already have the structure to do so.

What has been holding us back as a party is not our activists but attempts by arm-chair libertarians to tell our activists what they should or should not do when talking to their constituency. People who claim our activists hurt the party are not the ones growing the party, it is our activists knocking on doors, collecting signatures, and talking to people in the street.

The Libertarian Party can not just be a dinner club, or a debate club. The only way to achieve success is to unleash our activists and allow them the freedom to spread the message of libertarianism, offering them the support they need to do so.


I think the weakness of this approach is the difficulty in coordinating decisive, unified action. Perhaps that's inherently why the Libertarian party has trouble gaining traction- when an autonomous individual is the highest authority, nothing collective gets done, because getting everyone on the same page is like herding cats. I'm not a fan of the Marxist Hive-Mind, but admittedly it can bring raw power to bear on fixed points. In theory, a totally decentralized party would work awesome- if every indivdual was equally proactive, intelligent, and motivated. But I'm not sure how that would play out in practice.

I don't see decentralized action as a bad thing, if we can't achieve a Libertarian society through Libertarian means we're only proving what we want is inefficient.

If the ideals of Libertarianism are being adhered to how can an activist be wrong and a how is party "leadership" casting down decisions for the state parties to adhere to an good example of what they stand for? The national party should serve as a function of the state parties concerning themselves with national issues and leaving administration of the state strategies to the state parties. Just my two cents @jamesweeksii!

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