HAhahahah!!! This is one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever given me!

Do you know who I am? No. So, what makes you think I didn’t write this?

To be fair, it was divinely inspired, but I was the channel. The copyright is mine.

I know who you are, and you are bringing it Love...thank you so...God Bless Potus.

Good job :)

Big huge smile!!!! LOL!
It all not only resonates with me too and -yes - it WAS divinely inspired but furthermore you have basically put into a specific order and with correct wording exactly all I have been thinking along with many many others as well. If I were to receive permission from you I would very much like to give you: c-change credit and read this aloud and then re-post it. In the meantime I'm going to resteem.

You are more than welcome to read it and share it as you see fit.