Blockchain Tech. To Keep the Bastards Honest

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What if Government was required to store it's information on secure Blockchains?

An immutable, non-corruptable record of it's activities and operations available for all time.

No doubt this idea will meet strong resistance as it negates the motive of protecting one's arse, but therein lies the beauty of it. It will serve to keep the Government (Public Service), honest in innumerable ways.

Here are just a few examples of recent 'mishaps' that the use of Blockchain Tech. by Government might have prevented;

'Lost' Records

NASA 'Accidentially' Erased 40 Rolls Of Film Of The Apollo Program

After controversy arose due to the IRS targeting of political dissidents they received a congressional subpoena to preserve and turn over the information. Instead the IRS deleted approximately 24,000 Lerner emails and destroyed Lerner’s hard drive.

With the heat mounting on Hillarys choice to use a private email server to conduct official business as Secretary of State, of course questions were being raised as to where are they and what was in them. (As in; are you keeping secrets?). Under subpoena it was revealed that 30,000 emails had been deleted. Woops! “Clinton said she "chose not to keep" the messages and said she expected people would understand her need for "privacy."”

The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn’t destroyed, according to recent court filings.

DOD 'lost' $6.5 T r I l l I o n.
“ initial Army audit found 39 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter ($830,700,000) were not adequately recorded in the property system. “The Air Force identified 478 structures and buildings at 12 installations that were not in its real property system,” ... these helicopters were simply “missing” on the books. a recent report, the U.S. military lost some 44,000 troops across the globe in a country location labeled as “Unknown.”
... the Department of Defense and Housing & Urban Development may have spent as much as $21 trillion on mysterious items between 1998 and 2015”.

Text messages which could reveal an anti trump secret society within the FBI & DOJ. And which could further shed light on conspiracy between teams Obama and Hillary to use Govt. to spy on Trump have been 'lost'.

Hacking of Centralized Databases

“...the US-based credit reporting agency Equifax announced a massive cyberattack that affects as many as 143 million consumers.
Names. Birth dates. Addresses. Social Security Numbers. Even some credit card numbers were stolen.
Literally over one third of the entire US population is at risk of identity theft now thanks to Equifax’s bungling.
...Senior executives responded to the data breach by… selling their stock.
...Equifax has access to our most sensitive data. And by the way, they collect this data WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.

Hacks of Office of Personnel Management databases compromised 22.1 million people, federal authorities say

We ought to be extreemly pissed at the scale of waste, incompetence, negligence, stupidity, outright corruption and criminality with which 'our' information is routinely handled. Remember that we paid for it, then paid for Bureaucrats to make a mess of it, pay for the courts and investigations to uncover the mess (if caught out), and pay yet again to have the mess fixed up. Of course they need more tax $$.

I could easily go on, and on, …... and on, unfortunately. And it seems as though No one will use existing laws to protect the little guy. The agencies tasked with doing so are part of the problem and have their own crimes to cover up. No one is ever held to account so the games will continue.

These examples represent just the tip of the iceberg but reviewing them should give you an inkling of the transformative potential of Blockchain Tech by applying it to this space. Dare to imagine the world as it could, or should exist.


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