The Allready Here Orwellian State...

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Orwellian State

I was going to title this article "the encroaching orwellian state" or something to that effect.... then i realised that it was a crock of shit, there was nothing encroaching about this orwellian state, its already here... War is peace, healthcare is really sick and hope you never get better care and our congressmen are soon to be straight up CIA backed.

Literally everything around us has made us consumers and to put it nicely, consumers usually get fucked.

Were not in an encroaching orwellian state, were living in smack dab in the middle of it and its like the mask of niceties is about to come off. Not to brag, but your humble writer has traveled to over 52 countries.... Ive seen former communist states, ive seen relaxed latin american states. Ive also seen the types of govt and the effect it has on the people in those individual countries.

One thing ive realized is that the image one person has of his/her country has nothing to do with the reality of their situation from an outside view. Kinda like Americans and their views on freedom (or lackthereof) and democracy (really controlled by oligarachs and Military Industrial Complex).

Simply put, if you have nothing to compare yourself to you have no idea what you are potentially missing out on and unfortunately most Americans dont travel....

A quick example of this is comparing a police encounter in different cities... In a random eastern european city i was stopped by the police, offered them my passport, they couldnt really understand what i was saying and i could somewhat understand what they were saying.... I quickly realized they were too lazy to check my papers and saw that i wasnt a threat and decided to let me go.

They were peacful, non aggressive, polite. EXACTLY the way my memories of encounter with police WAS like when i was a kid.

The orwellian state has already arrived in the west... Its like watching the Berlin fall in reverse and in slow motion. Test cases are already happening from around the world. its as if governments are testing and quietly learn-ing from each others experiences...

First Cyprus banking bail-in and almost nobody noticed, then ukrainan bank bail-ins, then spanish banks, Russian banks and slowly but surely thats coming to the US. Like sheep being led to the slaughter this is being brought to the west.

India last year went cashless and killed several thousand people in the process... See it in the news much? Nope

Sweden is almost cashless, etc, etc. One more crisis and governments around the world will have a reason to implement draconian rules against cash and your ONLY option will be devalued paper money enslaving you to a bank or crypto currency.

Make no mistake, the lines are being drawn.

“That is when I knew I was blacklisted,” Xie said.

He had been added to the Chinese Supreme Court’s list of “discredited” persons or entities, which usually targets people > who refuse to repay debts. In Xie’s case, his advertising company was sued by another firm over a contract dispute and
lost. The judge ordered Xie to pay $127,000, which he didn’t. Seven months later, without notice, Xie’s name was added
to the blacklist – one that companies are encouraged to check before entering deals.

“It hurt my business,” Xie said. “My clients didn’t trust me. I didn’t get much work.”

China has already got a system in place to keep its slaves in check and other governments will soon follow... Can you imagine? How is there no uproar on a humanitarian level? If your government can keep you from flying, from doing business, from everything, how are you different than a pet hamster? Once cash was a refuge, but no more. As your money gets more and more digitised it will be weaponised against you.

Think it cant happen in your country? Why? What makes you so special snow flake?

Its already here..

Orwellian State

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