The Robots are Taking Over!

in politics •  last year


As I was taking photos of beautiful Edinburgh from the top of the mound, a lady on the other side of the road had spotted something unusual... a robot completely unmanned, cutting the grass.

At a time when austerity is cutting jobs left right and centre it's sad to see that gardeners might soon also be redundant. It was however cool to see this robot working away keeping Edinburgh pretty.

How long before my jobs are filled by robots?


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More success to you.


Thank you very much!

Wow...that is awesome!

It's a matter of time before they are doing a lot more of our jobs. And somewhere, someone must be writing a script for a new movie, "Attack of the Killer RoboMowers".


Quick, you should start writing that script now before someone else does!

That's interesting! I had no idea thy had robots for cutting grass! thanks for sharing that story from Scotland.