Oh my God !! Did you just Say Monkey ?? Thats so Racist !!!

in politics •  5 months ago

The Good news is that HighImpactflix is back on the case on Youtube after having been like many removed from debate in this recent purge of truth speakers from this platfrom ! He is now using his secondary channel Highimpactvlogs and is again busy as ever making his great hard hitting dialogues on the political scene and calling out the lunatic players of the insane Left ! The bad news is that the Democrats are hitting all new low levels in their PC self righteous agenda ! When Republican DeSantis makes the fatal mistake of using the word "Monkey" in a recent televised interview they, these rabid know it all monkees of the Left that is, are all over him calling him racist and the such, but all this name calling wears thin and I think the American public are indeed like me tired of this tactic !

Funny as the expression or reference to Monkey is not at all racist to most people as it just refers just to the animal that is close to us but not that close as generally when you give a monkey a machine gun somebody gets hurt or even killed ! But ofcourse these Democrats being secretly the most racist people on earth but trying to hide it with their constant virtue signalling which says " hey ! look how politically informed I am, look how I care about these poor underpriveledged minorities, Im such a great person no ?? The answer for me being " No you are not a great person and I truly wish you would just go away and leave us all alone and spare us this mindnumbing BS that drops out of your mouth each time they chose to open it !

In short these Democrats sense of disgust for Disantis, s use of this word monkey just proves that they are indeed the racists, as their mind always jumps to the negative and yes racist conotation of this otherwise pretty harmless word " monkey " which you will see in the end of this great video they use hundreds of times on prime TV without anyone batting an eyelid ! In short they are just terrible hypocrits and need to STFU as i think we all now as people are sick and tired of all of this manipulation going on in the Lamestream Media of Lies and Deciept working for the putrid Left !!

Classic! Watch LEFTIST Media Hypocritically Promote RACISM on LIVE TV!!

Published on 2 Sep 2018

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Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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Ron DeSantis probably did it on purpose in his interview, if that's what you're referring to. You should probably structure your posts more in a way that makes people understand them better. By going through them again, maybe even twice, you can correct minor typing errors and also maybe in general create a narrative that is more easily understandable by readers


What did he do on purpose @politikhos ?? Use a word ?? The word Monkey ?? And what does that mean to you then ?? That DeSantis is now a bigot and a racist ?? Is that it ?? Nice of you to give such an effrective and yet damning apprailsal of my post ! So what is your goal there then ?? To undermine that which i say ?? Well I shall take it on myself to stop by and have a look at your wonders of literary brilliance to see how good you are at what you do !!


Yeah, he deliberately used an ambivalent expression, basically calling his black opponent or his style a "monkey" or "monkey-like" ("monkey up"), that leftists will argue is racist, and that conservatives feel confident arguing is not racist. Then people talk about that, and not his shitty economic policies

they considered this just fine


Yeah really funbobby51, talk about double standards eh ?? B ut then thats them, its dont do as I do, but do as I say !!! But having said that, that clown Bush sure does look like a Monkey to me, so that particular comparison at least is justifiable by photo comparison ! ))

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My god this post reeks of ignorance and stupidity. Go read a book.


Well that said@@@cyberdemon your comment smells of Social Justice and so while I go read that book on your advice I suggest you go take a bath and have a shave !! )


So you're saying you don't believe in social justice? How can you claim that you're against racism and that it doesn't exist while also being against the cure for racism? Unless you actually support racism and inequality, which is the only actual reason you'd be against fixing it.


Hello @cyberdemon531 ! I believe in Justice, the term social Justice is a social construct from the Social Marxist Handbook and Social Marxists are just plain dangerous and have contributed to the killing of millions in the last 100 years and so for sure I would not defend such corrupted notions of "Justice " People need better ways to express the meaning of Justice in this world, certainly not based on class or racial classifications ! We have already laws which have been built over thousands of years of trial and error, they work or can work if they merely respected and imposed by the people that we have trusted with our vote to do just this !


Because capitalism and imperialism haven't killed billions of people directly with their ideologies lmfao. Read some history books, bud.

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People directly killed billions of others with help of the sword & shield.
Imperialism can only be held indirectly responsible.

But I'm curious, what history books do you want me to read? The communism manifesto? Already read it :)


Communism is already a failed ideology, the human atrocities commited under the red flag of Socialsim are the proof of this ! To deny this is to deny History and even reality ! Why indeed there are still people out there that still think that somehow bending the knee once more to the dictates of Communism is truly beyond me ! They should perhaps go live in North Korea for awhile and live as do the people at the bottom of the feeding pyramid there ! Would they be so keen then of the dictates of Trotsky and Lenin ??