Have the British government lost their mind ? Today you can go to jail for speaking of Truth !

in politics •  3 years ago

"In the Brave New World, thinking will be dangerous and Truth will be illegal "

It has just been announced by the British government that they will no longer accept that their subjects voice opinions contrary to their agenda !!

So what they are proposing now is that if citizens use their supposed right to free speech, to voice opinions which have a negative view point regarding policies and agenda,s cited by the government . Well then they shall be regarded under this new law as creator,s of hate speech, terrorists even. These troublesome dissenter,s will be " processed " into new military run reeducation camps, to learn how to tow the line for Big Brother !!


This crazy idea was created by British government think tank,s but is actually born of course in the USA under a military directive and manual called "FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations " Here is a link to an article which explains what this proposes and will mean for citizens who cross the government line they have drawn in their sand !! Pretty scary stuff indeed and goes to show what is about to happen to many of us who feel Truth and Liberty is an essential balance in our world against a Fascist State.


How crazy can it get when people are literally imprisoned for not agreeing with their government and speaking up about it on a social media web site ? Where will this insanity of PC culture end ? With their name throwing of Racist, Islamophobiic or Conspiracy theorist becoming now dangerous labels capable of removing your right to freedom of speech, may now even remove your God given right to think and be in the once sanctity of your own home !!

All of the afore mentioned labels being created and put out through the state run media and propaganda outlets known as newspapers, as buzzwords which catch on in your surrounding social environment and which serve to socially criminalize otherwise ordinary people who just actually see the truth through their smoke and mirror of lies and brainwashing MK Ultra propaganda! !!

When a government fears its people-------the people need to be afraid of their government !

This is why the human race needs to establish a new system of fair governance which does not land them in prison by what can only be called a criminally insane out of control system of Orwellian oppression and control with no bounds !

Why i think that this particulate article published on Steemit is one of the strongest things i have read here so far.....a must read for all of you that want this world to change for the better good of all that do and want to live here !


brilliant stuff from our beloved @falkvinge here now since a few weeks, my hat off to this great visionary and intellectual in the creation of an alternative New State of being for Mankind in the near future, once we have managed to thrown off the chains of this clearly oppressive over controlling, over taxing and not so friendly government class of willing tyrants.

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I don't think it will end until we refuse to consent. They are passing laws in Colorado that make it illegal to collect rainwater off of your roof on your own property. In Florida, they arrested a couple for growing a garden in their front yard, which they've been doing for 17 years and no neighbors complained, ever. Soon we'll all be outlaws.


well yes exactly, I know and fully aware of this total insanity !! When will the people come together and push back against this. Like at the Bundy ranch ??