Alex Jones, YouPorn and the New Resistance

in politics •  3 months ago

Rey; “How do we rebuild The Resistance from this…?”
Leia: “We have everything we need.”
— The Last Jedi

Monday’s coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars was an act of desperation. Control of information is one of the pillars of social control and Jones, for all of his faults, is a threat to that.

And today he is an even bigger threat than he was the other day. I could do this entire post comparing moments in Star Wars to the Banning of Alex Jones and by the time I was done even the alt-right guys would appreciate The Last Jedi a little more.

I won’t stretch the metaphor too far. The Deep State is like Kylo Ren on seeing Luke Skywalker for the first time in years. They’ve searched for years for ways to destroy Alex Jones, marginalize him, etc.; hoping he would fade away into obscurity. Just like Ren searched the galaxy for what he thought was The Last Jedi.

But, he was instrumental in electing Donald Trump. The coordinated effort to create a Ministry of Truth, ferreting out purveyors of “fake news” began the morning after the 2016 election.

And Alex Jones was public enemy #2, right behind Donald Trump himself.

So, when the time comes, when the moment of victory arrives, Luke shows up to drive Ren mad while The Resistance escapes. Ren lashes out in fury turning the entire might of the First Order on a mirage (spoiler alert) only to be left with defeat.

And after Luke’s deception and Ren’s impotence is revealed Luke leaves him with the most cutting jibe he could, “See you around, kid.”

It’s not as eloquent as Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ‘If you strike me down… ” But, Luke was never eloquent. He’s ultimately a hayseed, a nobody who grew up in Flyover Country.

Ren is impotent to kill the spirit of Luke Skywalker’s legend. He mistakes killing the man with killing the idea of him. But, the movie reminds us of the lesson of another freedom fighter, V, that ideas are bulletproof.

And so too will the Deep State be impotent to kill Alex Jones. InfoWars app today is the #4 downloaded app on the iOS Store. What’s a shame is that even the Porn guys can’t seem to keep their virtue signaling in their pants.

This report from RT tells you that everyone was given the order behind the scenes to de-platform Alex Jones before the mid-term elections. Why, all of a sudden would the biggest porn site in the world decide to take down Jones’ material posted by users?

Shemale gangbangs are acceptable but questioning Sandy Hook is beyond the pale?

This is cucking out big time. Yuge even.

No, this was directed by very powerful people.

And everyone knows it. They may not want to admit it to themselves, especially those that view Jones as the impediment to regaining power. But, they know where this came from.

The mid-term elections are the last chance for the Deep State to truly stop Trump Draining the Swamp. They know the poll numbers. Last night’s special election in Ohio, a supposedly ‘purple’ state, tells you the tale.

Taking out Alex Jones will only make him a martyr. It will only make him bigger. It will only spur even more people to find alternative social platforms. Peak Facebook is already here.

Minds is growing and now has a Steemit-like reward pool built on the Ethereum blockchain. BitChute will host your videos in a peer-to-peer network. Gab auto-cross-posts to Twitter and is far better organized into topics and conversations.

The point being that single-points of failure for your voice make you vulnerable. It’s obvious now to a great number of people that big tech is in bed with big government to ensure you don’t get off their reservation.

When the Internet started, Alex Jones was at the forefront of leveraging it to provide an alternate voice. Infowars was always The Resistance. And this is where the Star Wars metaphor breaks down. Because today’s Resistance to the Panopticon is orders of magnitude bigger than Alex Jones.

He’s just the figure-head. And like all authoritarians who believe in the fear-based policing model, he was made an example of to chill everyone’s enthusiasm for change.

Too bad it’s not going to work.

My generation turned off the evening news and went there for their information. And that loosened the grip on information flow.

For the past twenty years they have been working to get that control back. And to do so it had to be voluntary.

And, more importantly, it had to be free.

So, it was built with cheap money, cheap credit and a Ponzi scheme of massive government subsidy and debt to get everyone hooked into these platforms as a substitute for having real relationships with real people.

And through them the subtle manipulation of what information you received was always there, but unobtrusive. Alternate voices were always Faux News to the left. The establishment media through their FCC licenses and relationships with various government agencies maintained market share they didn’t deserve.

And Alex Jones went after them all. Sometimes too far. But, so what?

We’re not children. We don’t need to be protected from ‘bad ideas.’ Hell, we’ve suffered through Marxism for the past 150 years, I think we can survive an Alex Jones rant about Sandy Hook.

And that’s what has to come next. It’s time to look at these other platforms and assist them in building value. The next phase of social media is upon us, one where consumers and producers can interact directly and the profit from their activity pay for the cost of the transaction without the middle man, like Google and Facebook, taking 95% in between for providing the ‘platform.’

This is known as ‘controlling the wire’ and ‘the wire’ is a commodity. The value of the Internet is the information contained on it not the indexers of that information. Their profits should be ground to zero while those of the creators rise to meet the value they provide their consumers.

That’s the lesson of Alex Jones’ banning and that’s how The Resistance needs to rebuild itself.

For the very best in deprogramming the news of the day follow the #informationwar channel here on Steemit.

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Love the Star Wars analogy!
Notice how this censorship of Jones was preceding by a massive censorship of the whole Crypto Industry by the same big tech cartel?

I think InfoWars has a reasonable cartel case against all the Tech Giants that conspired to restrain trade by censoring him.

I know that the Crypto Industry (and all Steemians) have a good case against Facebook & Google for the $300 Billion hit Crypto markets took in the week after the Facebook banned crypto ads.

Please join the Class Action to recover your losses and show them that censorship doesn't pay.

This is gonna AJ make him stronger than ever....and when the time is right, Trump will do what needs to be done, methinks..

I think other things might happening more important right now, than infowars - (behind the scene's), or it's all part of the operation..An excuse to intervene of big tech...?

I don't see a losing scenario with this...

Never forget that the marxist's greatest talent, is shooting themselves in the foot!


Agreed. I see this playing out badly... these are acts of pure desperation to maintain narrative control to swing the mid-terms and impeach Trump. If they are successful it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it.

· maintain narrative control to swing the mid-terms and impeach Trump

From how see it, the only way that will happen is with massive voter fraud...

I think the Dem support is pretty non existent ... it's all a psi op (except for the coasts of course).

And people are waking up big time..

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I've been sad since bitcoin took a dump in december :(