Funny How Many "Alt-righters" Have No Idea they *Actually* Support "SOCIALISM!!"

in #politics4 years ago

It's hilarious how ignorant so many of these folks are. They tend to blatantly rail against "Socialism," while defending NAZI-ism--do they know what the word NAZI stands for??

Here's a hint: National SOCIALIST Workers Party!!!!



Communism and National Socialists are cut from the same leftist cloth. But things go much deeper than that...

This is true. It is crazy-complicated lol. But it's amazing how something like a word or phrase can be so easily "co-opted" by some particular movement of ideology. I've noticed our human psychology has either become, or has been for some time, very binary. I don't know if that's some sort of heuristic to make our lives simpler--like in certain situations, it may be quite vital to quickly and efficiently determine is something or someone is friend or foe, harmful or harmless, etc. But when that same line of simplistic thinking is extended to something as complicated as politics, as an example, it can, imo, become quite problematic!

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