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One of the best Trump parody videos I have ever seen, mixing up footage from the 1950's classic sitcom "The Honeymooners" with footage of very well put together and excellent to see the iconic comic mastermind Jackie Gleason yelling blabbermouth into Trump's face.

Jackie Gleason was a comic godfather of his time and is not only credited to creating one of the very first popular sitcoms of all time; that was amazingly broadcast live to an audience of millions.

"The Honeymooners" has for a long time been known to be the inspiration for the Cartoon Series "The Flintsones". Although this has always been denied by their creators, the similarity is very clear if you watch both.

What do you reckon, would Fred Flintstone vote Trump?


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Born in 1958 that clip brought back warm memories of a different America, and immensely talented people long gone. The Honeymooners would be banned today which is why it was so great.

Yeah it was a great show, so amazing that the whole thing was broadcast live, actors these days couldn't deal with that sort of pressure, some of the best bits ever in the show was when you could see them making each other laugh or they would go off script a bit, Jackie Gleason was the master as always bringing it back home again, you could see them watching him for guidance, he was like a wizard of acting.

Being a fan of Jackie Gleason you may already know of this but starred in a film called Gigot that revealed his acting skill. A truly underrated talent. If you like Gleason and haven’t seen it try and find a copy.

Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't actually seen that but it looks really good, I will check it out :-D
What do you reckon about the flintstones/honeymooners link? supposedly Jackie was pretty angry about the whole thing and felt he had been ripped off, he really should have been paid for that and credited on the flintstones too :-)

Sheesh, I can’t imagine a tough old school man like Gleason wanting royalties off a cartoon, but who knows. I saw the similarity between the two as a kid, at the age where you could still watch kid stuff and adult comedy. It was an obvious take-off.

I guess in a weird way it can kind of help because I actually originally found the honeymooners because someone told me it was the original flintstones, probably more people would find it if they knew that :-)

Comments Welcome :-)

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