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Activist and campaigner Bernie Sanders, one of the few American politicians who has any actual courage to stand against big business; explains his reason of why he is going to vote against the budget bill.

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He's wrong when he wants to use government to end big business though you end big business with less regulations and less government power not more.

Interesting concept, how would less regulation end big business?

It would make it easier and cheaper for competitors to enter the market. Regulations just make it more expensive and big business loves regulations if they didn't there would be none, there would be no reason to lobby. That's why Bernie is made at the right things he just doesn't see the solution he sees more of the problem. Like FMMO'S Federal Milk Marketing Order created in the 1930's to aid farmers. So now if a milk processor wants to compete they have to do it in a certain area. So there could be way more and better companies if the government didn't regulate these things and make it more difficult to get products to the market.

Thats an interesting concept actually, do you feel the government collude with big business in order to maintain a monopoly to lock out small businesses and new players? I suppose regulation could be used for anything though? I mean lets say you had regulation that stated by law new companies need to get high certifications and standards to enter a certain market then you make those expensive so it locks out the new guy coming up, but you could potentially also have regulation that says big business cannot create monopolies or large corporations don't have the right to go into small towns and close all the local shops by opening too many supermarkets? Laws of any type could be used to free people or restrict them? Interesting debate, I appreciate your different view :-)

but monopolies can be good, so by saying a business cannot turn into a monopoly would be saying that a business can not offer a lower price than his competitors. The way I see it, regulations are force I dont see how anyone can tell someone else what to do with there property. An example of a good monopoly would be Rockefeller He beat all his competitors without using government to restrict his competition, there is nothing wrong with offering a better product at a cheaper price. Now you got government colluding with big business for example some states are offering amazon a 20 year no income tax deal..... like so their only giving amazon this tax break so now amazon will have an advantage not because they offer a better product at a better price but because they dont have to pay income tax. The government sees this as job creation I see it as crony capitalism where we have a corrupt government rigging the game. I used to think the rich were the cause of our problems, now I realize that it is government, a government that breaks the law as our founders signed a contract and this contract has been broke many many times. Abraham Lincoln was the biggest cause of our problems he was a protectionist, he wanted a stronger federal government and the south said no and were willing to kill and die for it. Thank you for listening to my opinion though.

It's cool, even if I don't agree with someone I will always listen to their opinions as theres little fun or learning in debate if you can only talk to those who you agree with in totality :-)

I get where you are coming from, the only trouble can surely come is that businesses who become monopolies (even if they got there via being the most competitive) well then most likely use there position to drive out any other competition and remain dominant, using unethical practices to run the little guy out of town, for example large supermarkets open up and drive little stores that have been part of the community out of business, the little guy can't compete with those prices because he can't buy in that level of bulk, I do agree government is often highly corrupted but those at the top of big business are often the ones pulling the strings of the politicians don't you think?

yes but that is not the business fault as the people do the same thing we want to help the poor so we have welfare, the problem is when government helps the poor which is a good intention they must use force, they must force someone to provide for the poor. This is why government is corrupt and they should have less power. I agree big business can drive out small people but thats not a bad thing. If someone worked hard they dont deserve to be forced to loose wages or do anything. The problem with our country is our government they have to much power. I think we can agree that government has to much power. I also listen to others opinions as I like to see how they see things, opinions will never harm me as I know you can feel how you feel and there is nothing I should be allowed to do about it.

Yeah I get what you mean, do you think the solution is to put power in the hands of ordinary people and small businesses? I cannot help but feel whilst its controlled either by big business or government the people generally get the raw end of the deal.