Democracy The God That Failed, Decentralization and the Architecture of Power - A Book and a Video That Will Change Your Mind

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Democracy The God That Failed

First i'm going to start with the best book i ever bought, the core of this book consists of a systematic analysis of historical transformation - from monarchy to democracy - in which the West had. Revisionist in nature, this book comes to the conclusion that the monarchy is a lesser evil than democracy, but points out that there are problems in both.

Hoppe deconstructs the classical liberal belief in the possibility of limited government and calls for an alignment between conservatism and libertarianism because it sees them as natural allies targeting common goals. He argues that the provision of defense services is assumed by insurance companies operating in a free market, and describes the flourishing of private law among competing insurers.

A fascinating chapter about time preference explains the progress of civilization as a result of decreased time preference as the capital structure is built, and explains how the interaction between people can lower the time preference of all, performing interesting parallels with Ricardian law of association. By focusing on this theme, the author is qualified to interpret many historical phenomena - such as rising levels of crime, degeneration of standards of conduct and morality and the emergence of mega-state. By emphasizing the shortcomings of monarchy and democracy, the author shows how these systems are less than a natural order based on private property. Democracy

The God that failed will be of great value to scholars and students of history, political economy and political philosophy.

Decentralization and the Architecture of Power

In this video, the panelist talks about centralization and decentralization of power and how centralization promotes disparity and concentration of power, while decentralization does the opposite, giving the society liberty and freedom.

Just like a matrix red pill, the book and the video can change the way you see the world, i hope you enjoyed the content and don't forget to read "Democracy The God That Failed" (and upvote the post :D)

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