The American Presidential PSYOP

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The American Presidential PSYOP
By : Fan Stanner
More and more it is becoming clear that American foreign and domestic policy decisions are in conflict with not only the interests of the American public but also the interests of the vast majority of groups, companies, countries, and people that make up the international community. The concept of a government ‘run by the people, for the people’ has become completely absurd. We are living in times of what some call “Neo-feudalism” in relation to political systems and “Neo fascism” in relation to economic systems. Indeed, how would one define a system where someone would ‘vote’ for another person to have total power over the individual that voted for them? There is no more Due Process and the legal standards differ between the elites and the commoners. How could we define an economic system in which powerful corporate organizations can petition and lobby the military of a government to do their biddings? I believe that such a system might be termed ‘fascism’.
When did things become as such? Were they ever different? Perhaps, the amount of information that is available to the public today has enlightened many as to the nefarious reality that we are living in. Could the 20th and the first part of the 21st centuries be likened to the Dark Ages? Will there be another Renaissance in the way social systems interact with governmental systems? These are all questions that we, as an enlightened society should be considering.
Something is certainly wrong with the idea that a king can hide in his office while unilaterally declaring war and sending children to kill and be killed on some desolate battlefield. Something is certainly wrong when a so-called leader can strip another human of all dignity by imprisoning the individual for a non-violent ‘crime’. Something is not quite right when a government has the power to force individuals to borrow future productivity (taxes) to pay for government waste.
How did things become so bizarre? Why hasn’t the public woken up to this utterly ridiculous paradigm and demanded change? What is it that is holding us back?
To answer these questions, we must look into the mind of the American ‘voter’. There seems to be a pedantic and juvenile notion held by most Americans that ‘we’ can determine the destiny of ‘our’ country by voting for the right president. Every four years, the Americans voters become frenzied, rabid, and completely irrational about ‘their candidate’. It is the saddest and most despicable display of social engineering that exists in modern times. People literally think that 1. They actually have a choice, 2. That their candidate is different from the last, and 3. That voting for some clown will somehow improve their own personal situation. If any rational and logical person were to step back and think for a second about any of these three points, they would obviously find it laughable that any were even remotely true. There is no president, prime minister, king, comrade, or leader that has ever in the history of humankind cared, even in the least, about any of his/her subjects. Why would Trump be any different? Why would Obama be any different? All of these so-called ‘leaders’ are nothing more than symbols of what a brainwashed society thinks that they might want. Trump is no master deal-maker. He is no geopolitical champion. He has nothing vested in the American public and could care less what the future holds. He is exactly the same as all the presidents before him: a perfect zero.


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