‘Trump Really Was Spied On’: WSJ Slaps Establishment Media’s Coverage

in #politics2 years ago


Wouldn't this be reason enough to declare the 2020 election invalid? Shouldn't this be more than reason enough to indict the entire Clinton/Biden campaign? This is Espionage. The Rosenbergs did less and look what happened to them.

The Wall Street Journal finally acknowledged what the internet has been saying for several years.

After ignoring for 48 hours a tantalizing development in one of the largest political scandals in the past ten years, the Journal’s Editorial Board highlighted Durham’s court disclosures that indicate evidence of “a scandal that requires investigation under oath.” The Journal also slammed the establishment media for ignoring allegations that may prove Trump’s alarm of foul play was actually correct.

The Editorial Board cited Hillary’s 2016 “campaign effort to compile dirt on Donald Trump,” which lead to “exploited” data for a “political purpose” that began during a presidential campaign and continued into Trump’s presidency.

I don't much trust the legacy media. As far as I'm concerned their time has passed. I consider a degree in journalism slightly less respectful than selling drugs. Still...a fossil has gotta do what a fossil has got to do. The Wall Street Journal FINALLY put their big girl panties on and did what they are supposed to do.

No word yet on the rest of the legacy media.

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