Gerrymandering part 2: a modest proposal, how to fix it

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Let a computer do it

" "Why do people need to be involved in mapping the districts?"

They don't. Programs and algorithms to do that already exist.

"Brian Olson is a software engineer in Massachusetts who wrote a program to draw "optimally compact" equal-population congressional districts in each state, based on 2010 census data. Olson's algorithm draws districts that respect the boundaries of census blocks, which are the smallest geographic units used by the Census Bureau. This ensures that the district boundaries reflect actual neighborhoods and don't, say, cut an arbitrary line through somebody's house."

We should definitely do this This is, after all, the twenty first century. The two links above were from ten years ago. It 2022 now. It's time to discard bad idea from well over a hundred years ago.

Don't expect it to go over very well with the people who benefit now. They'll squall like stuck pigs when it's proposed. Perhaps stronger measures are required?

Impartial Redistricting Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States of America

*Whereas, fair impartial districts are a boon to the good functioning of democracy; and
whereas, redistricting has been abused around the nation to distort the democratic process and entrench the power of political parties; and
whereas, we believe that a simple mathematical formula for what a good district is shall be the most reliable generator of fair impartial districts for the foreseeable future,
We do hereby submit for ratification this amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:

The Legislatures of the States or their appointed officials shall accept proposed district maps for a time of six months following the availability of new deci-annual US Census data. They shall accept proposed districts from any citizen of their State but may limit the number of submissions to a reasonable number and shall specify a reasonable format for receiving the district maps so as to expedite processing.
At the end of that period the map for each State shall be chosen that:
Has contiguous districts; and
Has equal population across all districts to within one two hundredth of the average district population; and
Has the lowest average straight-line distance per person from the geographic centers of the districts to the people within them.*

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