Democrats Aim to Kill Inflation by Flooding Economy with Taxpayer Money

in #politics2 years ago


Can Democrats really be this stupid? Economics 101. Inflation is too much money chasing too few products. Our current inflation, the highest in most peoples memory, was caused by the democrats spending trillions of dollars in a little over two years while at the same time they impose hundreds of regulations impeding production.

For the average family, that works out to increased costs of something like $276 per month. That's if you're lucky. Where I live the rents have increased by that much.

Remember when gasoline was less than two dollars a gallon? I live in Texas, a couple of years ago it was less than ONE dollar a gallon. What is it now? The first thing Biden did was shut down pipelines, thus limiting production. The next thing he did was pour trillions of dollars into the economy.


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