Who would win in a war between USA and Turkey?

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The U.S.- Turkish relationship had continued for more than 70 years. In any case, now Turkey needs to muscle the Americans out the Middle East. On a false appearance and supported by Russia, Turkey has propelled an attack into Syria – and an intermediary war against the U.S.


Ankara's most recent military task into the Afrin enclave in Syria is yet another case of Turkey's float from NATO. It is an accepted intermediary war against the United States and part of a more extensive Turkish aspiration for local dominion.

Here some opinion about the winning percentage of the war between USA and Turkey.................


In the event that any military clash happened lingered between the United States and Turkey, it would need to be started by Turkey. The Americans have nothing to pick up from any such war. On the off chance that Turkey declared dangers, the Americans would slow down on any military activity until some way was found to resolve the circumstance by transaction. Incirlik in other American army installations would catch down and end activities until the point that the issue was settled. The American military units in reach of Turkish military units would not, under any conditions, start military activity.

American regular citizens, obviously, would escape Turkey in huge numbers. The Turkish government, as by and by constituted, would not meddle with them.

American military units that were assaulted by Turkish military units for any reason would shield themselves yet would endeavor to end the activity as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. They would not surrender any position or area they were relegated to guard. Notwithstanding, if useful, they would endeavor to pull back to some area where they would never again be liable to assault.

This is practically how the United States would manage any NATO part that assaulted it, yet Turkey happens to be one of only a handful couple of major created countries where this kind of occurrence could happen. The United States has a personal stake in keeping the piece with every created country and is sufficiently intense


Everybody on the planet realizes that US armed force is the most grounded on the planet by a long shot. They have the best innovations and so forth. Turkish armed force is likewise a solid one on the planet's top10 obviously no place close to the financial aspects or innovations of American side.

In the event that the USA assaults Turkey in its homeland, USA loses by a wide margin. Not in view of our armed force but rather for the most part since Turks dislike Arabs to give away their territory and escape. We learnt from our history that the most exceedingly awful local pioneer is constantly superior to the best trespasser. So nearby protection will be tremendous and all over the place. Indeed, even without protection they lost in Iraq. Temperate misfortunes will influence American armed force to leave entirely soon.

On the off chance that the two armed forces battle in Syria or Iraq, USA wins that one.

I don't trust Turkey or the USA are that insane to battle each other. There is no probability of that. Today really we made a concurrence with the USA to move together in Syria.


While it is difficult to concede as a Turk, US military is two or three requests of greatness more grounded than any other person on the planet, and in this way while the Turkish armed force would set up a tireless protection they would be battered. The genuine inquiry originates from the occupation part: Turks are greatly resolved, persistent, and brutal. The US would have an endless insurrection in their grasp that would forcefully oppose regardless of all endeavors to curb. What's more, in the long run, the war would end when

a) US troops pack up and clear out

b) US mass bombs the entire nation to obscurity.

thanks for reading.......................


very realistic analysis. resteemed and upvoted

love to read it

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