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RE: Closer To The Truth... Part II

in #politics3 years ago

"these are all part of an incredible disinformation campaign being waged against the American people."

I agree again with this. But I again say..... "American politics and politicians have been f'n broken for 20 years. Funny how in this past election HC, the next most successful liar also almost became president. And she learned (or taught) all her tricks from/to good ole Bill. And the GB's and how can anyone say Big O was without his lies and corruption.

If you(anyone) doesnt believe in god before.... The current political situation... And whatever the meltdown will be... May end up proving there is a god via his judgment on America for ignoring the lies and degredation for so long. But you dont have to.

Whether by this crazy scandalous plot et al...
Or by the downward spiral we have lived in for 20+ years. It is bad news for Murica!

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