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In fulfillment of one of their unachievable promises, one of the past political office holders in Bwari local government area, Abuja built several death traps and called it primary healthcare centre.

As a National Youth Service Corp member (NYSC), I was posted to one of these death traps as a lab scientist to contribute my own quota to the development of the country but what I saw on ground made tears flow out my eyes like a river that can never run dry.

The laboratory

The lab in this so called primary healthcare centre is devoid of all kinds of equipment; no microscope, oven, incubator, refrigerator, autoclave, etc. all tests carried out are simply done with strips and cassettes.



How can equipment be used in a centre that does not even have electricity supply? According to staffs, the power company disconnected the centre from the grid three (3) months after the centre was commissioned by the government and ever since the centre has been without electricity supply.

The pharmacy

Written boldly on one of the doors is “pharmacy”, so I thought there will be a pharmacist and some drugs in there but guess what, it was an empty room with practically nothing. This centre was not built yesterday that one will say well the government are still putting things in place. It has been around for up to 4 years now.

You will die of heart attack if you get to know the amount this shit was built.



There is also a labour room in this centre which was the reason I tagged it “death trap”. There are no doctors just two nurses and a midwife are on ground to combat the day to activities of this centre.


Yes, this shot here is the inside of the labour room.

This so called politicians fly their wives and kids overseas for treatment.
How can they trust our medical system, When they know it is substandard due to all the cut corners they did when it was still being built.

Same goes for the educational system. In my state( Edo ) when the past governor was about commissioning the school he built , he rented chairs in all the class rooms and on that faithful day , the present president came in, commended the governor and commissioned a school with ghost chairs that will disappear immediately he leaves.

Their kids are not part of the medical and educational system. The people at the receiving end are the poor citizens that can’t avoid a private hospital.


With such primary healthcare centres while won't the death toll of pregnant women be on the rise.

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