What the protests in France are really about: The media tell us nothing of the truth! — Steemit

What the protests in France are really about: The media tell us nothing of the truth!

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To all my international friends who are not sure what's happening in France these days :
I see a bunch of crap on international media about the protests. It did start with the fuel prices hike, but it's not what the protests are about. They are about the french government having taken too many reforms that take from the poor to give to the richest in this country.

It's a grassroot movement supported by about 70% of the population. It concerns all the working classes and people with lower incomes: retirees, self-employed, ambulance-workers, nurses, students, farmers... Even part of the police and fire-fighters support the movement and protest.
The past years, we have seen all the public services funding being drastically cut, to the point that there's no public hospitals, schools or transportation left in towns and rural areas. For some, having a car is the only way to survive. So when the people leading our country, who have chauffeurs, cars and fuel paid by our taxes, ask the people to "make an effort" it feels like a bitter joke.

A little reminder : the past few months, we've seen the wealth tax (and other taxes the rich used to pay) being scrapped (saving the 1% wealthiest people in the country 5.2 billion euros per year, according to Oxfam) and the biggest companies in France still pay 4 times less taxes (or no tax for Amazon / Google, and such) than a self-employed person or artisan.

So no, it's not about french people not wanting to make efforts for the environment, it's about fighting a government that crushes the majority of its people and that doesn't give a single fuck about the environment or social/fiscal justice.

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Just read the news. God bless French. Europe is my second hometown.

I saw a video of the police removing their helmets as a gesture of support for the yellow vest protest. Great to see! Hope it's ok that I post it on your blog.


THANKS!! yes VERY VEERY happy to see this!

Good to know, especially when we cannot rely on the corporate owned medias telling us in the United States anything beyond their Agenda 2030 nonsense.

The powers-that-shouldn't-be are destroying everything wholesome and right for this one world government crap. Time to turn off our screens-of-distraction and get to know our neighbors (and learn a trade). The time is ripe for us to take care of each other.

another example of big governments not working and why we need to start protesting giving more money to governments. This includes things like healthcare, social security, medicare etc. It needs to be slowly phased out. The reason it never works is that money never gets used for what it was meant for governments continue to tap into those funds for other reasons.


I like how you completely ignored what he said to spew your agenda!


here here!!!

French people unfortunately voted globalist, satanic leader and now they are reaping what they sowed. Americans did the same 10 years ago and 2 years ago they were pretty close to that again as well but they prayed more and God gave them Trump to heal their land after anti-christ leader Obama.

Pray and fast so you don't need to suffer 5 years under Macron (or under someone even worse). Pray for NWO empire EU be dissolved and turn to individual healthy cooperating nations. All these climate politic is just tax people without solving anything but to bring huge capital to NWO deepstate.

if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
-- 2 Chronicles 7:14

Well, what else can you expect, with someone like Macron leading the government? A sock puppet of Goldman-Sachs.
In Germany they are trying the same, by positioning Friedrich Merz as a future candidate for being chancelor.

it's mind boggling to me that we have sub $2 gas prices in the US ... when we are in the current state of the climate.

I wish more people in the US would stand up for what they know is right


i wish more people even KNEW what is right! ;-)

the origin of this & the representatives originate rather from the right spectre of things, right?

Funny thing.
The government will lower the prices in food.
One thing achieved.
And for tomorrow the farmer Union already announcened country wide protest against low food prices.
It is not as easy as it seems.

And I am not sure, what media you are reading, but mine was reporting everything..


UK media, and others seem to report a very half baked story.. not much mention of anything past fuel ..
farmers are VERy underpaid.. the issue is profits made by the middle man and everyone else!

here take a look!

I guess Macron underestimated the revolutionary spirit of the French ;-)

Thank you for sharing this information with us @eco-alex I am from the United States but currently live in the Philippines.

I think the United States will eventually be having similar protests but it seems like many Americans are still slow to see what has happened in the last decade.

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To be fair, the NY Times has covered this in detail, including a list of many reasons for the protests. Sadly, what's happening in France is happening everywhere: governments keep passing laws that favor the ultra wealthy at the expense of most of the people. Here in the US it is even worse, because those same governments and many conservative news outlets have successfully blame-shifted income-inequality to the poor and illegal immigrants. They have also managed to convince a large proportion of the population that climate change is a hoax--another ploy to allow those who profit from pollution to continue to profit while robbing our children of their future. Of course, they do all of this in the name of "freedom" and "liberty," to fool people into supporting them. At least the French are protesting... here in the US the same citizens who have been hurt by these economic policies were bilked into voting for Trump and other Republicans who then proceeded to pass even more laws favoring the wealthy.

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Yup, it looke like the british media is the worst for reporting this story.. no surprise there!