Trump has dinner with Kanye West.... media immediately runs wild

in #politics2 months ago

I sometimes wonder if the media is pretending that they don't know anything about Kanye and his rather "colorful" past. This guy has always been a bit out there and while I have found him amusing, he isn't exactly someone that walks or tows the line.

That being said I think that the media and now financial institutions turning on the guy is pretty petty. It also isn't going to mean a great deal as far as his overall wealth is concerned. "Ye" has more money in his pocket than most countries do, and he is one of the few in the world that can easily survive an all out assault on his character.

Now when Kanye decided to go and have dinner with Trump I thought it was a bit strange but these two have been "friends" of sorts for quite some time so I don't see anything wrong with them having a meal but of course the media just runs wild with the story and inserts information that they want to be true into the story. This isn't even considered bad in journalism anymore, it's basically the norm.


We're at the point where the media can't possibly be pleased by anything that Trump does and their reaction to him having a short dinner with the famous rapper at his house in Florida is very predictable. It probably doesn't help very much that Kanye doesn't waste any time getting attention for himself by disclosing anything that is going on in his life to social media and the Don had to go on the defensive after the media went wild with accusations as they try to link Trump to antisemitism.

Doing a simple search you can find essentially the same regurgitated BS from a number of news networks such as AP, NBC, The Hill, The Washington Post, and of course, the New York Times. They all wrote almost identical articles that are attacking Trump for even having a meal with someone.

Is this not cancel culture rebooted? Kanye apparently doesn't give half a rat's ass whether or not his sponsors walk away from him and considering the fact that he has enough money to live 100 lifetimes I guess you could say I kind of admire him for that. I don't really know a great deal about the guy other than the fact that I do admire the way in which he doesn't just go along with anything that is "black." Is he a bit nuts? Well, I think that much is obvious but that doesn't mean that he should be banished from society.

If anything, I think it actually gives him a wider audience the more that these "news outlets" harp on about him over and over in order to feed their audience's apparent need for hate-fuel.


I only read a couple of the articles because they are essentially doing a copy/pasta of what all the other ones already said. The AP article is particularly funny though because they use keywords that are going to ensure that any hate-seeker out there that searches for racism, anti-Semitism, or any other of the keywords that have been used to the point where they don't really mean anything anymore, is going to encounter this article.

It is a stupid article filled with wild speculation about the motivations for the dinner, what took place there, and the feelings between all the people involved. They can get away with this because it is an "opinion piece" just like basically every article that was ever written about Trump always has been.

The only people that will be swayed by this sort of written drivel are the kind of people that already have their TDS in overdrive. The media is just firing up the engines for what is bound to be a completely wild next two years politically.


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