Dynamic Real Time Governance

in #politics2 years ago

How many times have you heard about a new piece of legislation or a new law that was passed and thought:" Well I don't know how anyone could pass such a stupid law, I don't remember anyone asking me for my opinion or ever voting on this stupid law or policy"?

And then you end up thinking that the voters are being lied to or that voters were fooled by voting for a politician who is then put into a position of power to represent a whole lot of people.
How easy is it for them to simply lie about a certain decision taken on some issue?
Very easy indeed. All they have to do is say that the "majority" of the people they represent wanted them to vote this way or that way, when in fact it may be exactly the opposite....

This is why voters constantly feel betrayed, because they constantly are being betrayed!!
Politicians simply use the media to report their own policy as the popular sentiment.
This causes you to end up feeling that perhaps your thinking is wrong or perhaps you need to adjust yourself. You think maybe you are abnormal in some way for not agreeing with the "popular" sentiment.
But what you do not know is that 90% of your community feel exactly like you and no one is aware of the betrayal.

Over time this betrayal is used to shift the morals and cultural thinking of a voter base.

The best way to eliminate this phenomena of pseudo representation is to introduce DYNAMIC-REAL-TIME-GOVERNANCE.
It is a system where voters vote online in a real time environment. All decisions to be taken are voted on in real time by use of secure remote access over the internet, an online referendum.

All decisions taken in this manner will be representative of the people who voted for it.
The outcomes would likely be completely different from present day outcomes based on the current system whereby there is very little transparency on how the people is represented on all levels of government.

Congress won't be able to follow the instructions of the big business interests any longer, and if the system is operated properly the governance will be truly by the people for the people.

This is the only way in which the people can truly govern themselves.

And perhaps this is just a pipe dream of a better system and ideology that may never see the light of day.