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Essay by DRutter
February 3 2019
Vancouver BC Canada

"Islamophobic" is a slur gaining popularity in the West over the past 20 years. It's generally used to mean "racist", in the context of demographics shifting toward muslim culture. This card often gets pulled to put down any criticism or discussion.

The initial reaction to this tactic is to deny being an islamophobe, or the slightly-deeper "a phobia is an intense ongoing fear, and I'm not scared, just critical". Fair enough.

But I've stopped fighting the 'islamophobic' label.

Why? Because I've realized that fear IS part of my reaction to the cultural invasion happening here in Canada right now. I'm afraid, yes! There is much to be lost, and the threat is real.

So, yes, I'm islamophobic, but I'm not racist. I don't necessarily believe I'm genetically superior to something, or hate it, merely because I fear it. Martin Luther King Jr said we often hate what we fear, and he was right. But we don't always hate what we fear. Sometimes it's just fear.

Also, islam isn't a race, so fear of it can never be equated with racism.

So what am I afraid of?

I grew up in the outskirts of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. Middle class, christian family, fairly typical story. Canada in the 80s felt very different culturally from the USA, but today we've become a lot closer to being American. We used to be more independent (politically and culturally) but globalization and the internet have changed things.

Still, I value the culture of this country. We're the truth North strong and free (or we were, anyway)! We invented and perfected hockey, we're welcomed around the globe as tourists, and we produce delicious maple syrup. But Canada's a lot more than the stereotypes!

Traditionally, we're peacemongers who have strong science and space programs. We welcome legal immigrants who want to become part of Canada, and allow them great freedom. We take care of our sick, we follow rule of law, we favour free markets, and we care about the environment of this gorgeous land and planet. Canadians are some of the coolest people out there.

And I'm talking about Canadians of all shapes, sizes, and colours! Natives to this land, many who live on unceded territories, maintain their indigenous culture while adapting in varying degrees to immigrant Canadian presence. I believe we should allow them freedom to live the way they've always lived in harmony with 'Turtle Island'. There are issues, but for the most part, immigrant and indigenous culture can sustainably coexist and mingle.

After a few years of ramping up immigration from the middle East and North Africa, Trudeau has now signed a "global migration pact" with the other UN countries, giving new rights to international refugees, and promising that Canada will accelerate the immigration influx. (This is one of the gripes of the Yellow Vests Movement which is stewing here.)

So yes, there's much to lose. But does that justify fear?

Cultural invasion is a thing

Even the most played computer game of all time, Civilization, recognized the power of culture. Cities could be won over with culture, and one of the ways to complete the game was through a cultural victory.

Besides, history tells us cultural invasion exists. Many mighty cities and whole nations fell to cultural influences rather than by the sword. It happens all the time, all over the planet - sometimes subtly, sometimes not.

Even the recent uproar around "cultural appropriation" shows that culture is a serious issue, something that affects people and societies in a profound way, and not something which can be disregarded or negated. We may be expected to go along with the myth that cultural invasion isn't possible, but not everybody is falling for it.

Is there a muslim invasion?

Generally speaking, the massive influx of muslims into Canada since about 2013 has nothing to do with escaping violence or with wanting to integrate into Canada. The globalists in charge of Trudeau (our puppet prime minister) want to degrade Canada and its people, and destroying its culture is one of their long-term plans. Sweden and many other countries have already seen what happens when a population rapidly undergoes forced muslim immigration - assaults, vandalism, rapes, a drain on the welfare system, and that's just the early stages. Entire sections of Stockholm are no-go zones for non-muslims (not even emergency medical services or the fire department can get in). Countries with a muslim population of about 50% or more are almost always, well, shitholes.

And so are the areas of Vancouver which have become filled with muslims. Shitholes. Garbage everywhere, people on welfare hanging around coffee shops and halal meat butchers, women in burkas pushing triple strollers while their husband in jeans and t-shirt walks in front of them talking on his iPhone. White people get glared at in these parts of town. White girls wearing shorts in the summer get whistled at, sneered at, even photographed and approached. The more muslims in one place, the more likely there is to be trouble.

Vancouver has been a Chinese majority for the past 2 generations.... the few 'white people' like myself grew accustomed to being the minority long ago! We've also got a large population here from India. While the Chinese and Indians don't necessarily fully integrate, they ARE Canadians. Most learn English, and generally don't shun Canadian culture or try to harm it. Diversity can be beautiful. Ethnic diversity certainly is. Differing cultural practices are sometimes okay, but only when they don't clash. Muslim culture and Canadian culture clash. They aren't compatible. A belief of one side is that the other should be defeated and destroyed. There can be no common ground there.

Muslim cultural leaders encourage mass immigration into every country that will accept them, and endorse not mixing with other cultures, producing as many children as possible, and working toward achieving Sharia. Not all refugees and immigrants have this plan in mind, but many do, including their imams and other leaders. And the globalists are quick to oblige because it fits the plan of destabilizing strong sovereign nations, bringing about global governance and control.

Arriving as refugees in need of shelter from bombs is one thing. But this isn't about that. These people are mainly here because Canada's puppet leaders have welcomed them in, and spread the message to Canadians "if you don't like it, you're racist, and not one of us". Muslims have heard the call and have begun the process.

It's the epitome of not becoming part of Canada, not integrating with Canadian culture. Yes, it should be seen as the invasion that it is. Why are taxpayers paying to fly in hundreds of thousands of people with a clashing culture from a far off desert? Are we that rich and prosperous that we need to look outside our borders for people to provide for? Are we that lacking in registered voters we need to bring in planeloads of people who don't speak English (and don't want to), set them up with welfare, and make them citizens?

syrian skytrain scene.JPG

My grandparents' house was the 2nd on their street when they helped settle that part of the Vancouver outskirts in 1950. I lived there as a baby with my parents while they saved up for their first house, again for a few university years, and then to care for the house and my grandmother as she died in 2016. The neighborhood survived many waves of immigration through the decades, including the much-discussed mass Chinese immigration and its effect on Vancouver's real estate market. Nothing compared to the sudden government-mandated arrival of tens of thousands of Syrians and Somalians a few years ago. Suddenly, at least 1 in 3 women walking in public has her hair/face covered with a hijab. Arabic has appeared on our government signage and literature. Mainstream advertising, when it attempts to show a set of 'typical Canadians', will now be something like one elderly white female, one black male, one young muslim female in hijab, one older oriental male, and one transgendered mixed race person with a disability. In other words, Canada has suddenly become significantly muslim. And what's stranger, we're acting like it has pretty much always been that way.

How muslim is it? Like I said, it's nearly 50% in some neighborhoods, including the once-beautiful area around my grandparents. In a way, I'm kind of glad they're not around to see how bad the area is getting. I spoke about it 3 years ago, as the "Syrian Refugee Crisis" first became a national issue. Before we moved, my wife @MediKatie had to constantly be aware of what clothing she wore to the grocery store and back. She was often snarled or pointed at by groups of muslim men. She was routinely stared at, up and down, and even followed or filmed.

We talk a lot about gender equality in Canada, but for some reason we're not supposed to notice the influx of people who largely consider all females to be property for breeding? I find myself surrounded by rabid social justice warriors, simultaneously chanting for women's rights, while screaming "RACIST" in my face for speaking out against the muslimification of Canada.

When I really grew up and matured as an adult, I became agnostic toward religious beliefs. It took a long time to get free of all the religious brainwashing my parents and community had subjected me to, but I'm a skeptical critical thinker today.


I appreciate the religious freedom we have in Canada to believe (or not believe) what we see as correct. A very widespread muslim belief is that non-believers like myself (without any religion at all) are the lowest of the low. Whether that means spitting on me or beheading me is a matter of personal interpretation. Either way, I'm not in favour of religious intolerance, and the intolerance we see in predominantly muslim parts of the world is reprehensible.

For the past few years, I've been seeing an otherwise-normal school bus with Arabic writing on it, full of little beige faces, half of them with training hijabs. That's because muslims don't teach their children English here - they don't want them talking to Canadians. And they certainly don't teach their children any Canadian customs. The future is looking very divided.

arabic school bus.jpg

Tolerance though, right?

What kind of tolerance would I get if I showed up in Syria asking for money and rights?

What about those 2 Norwegian girls who went backpacking in Morocco, and got raped and beheaded, with the footage emailed to their mothers? How's that for cultural enrichment? (Do NOT go looking for the video. You don't need to see or hear that, trust me.)

Tolerance is good when it's appropriate. But if it's a slow-motion invasion, a cultural displacement, and intolerance of everything Canada stands for, tolerance is suicide! It's also counter-intuitive to be tolerant in the face of double-standards. For example, some Canadian muslim men have multiple wives and we're told to accept their cultural practices. But non-muslim Canadians can't have multiple spouses. Even the mormons here have (mostly) been stopped from polygamy, though it's part of their religion and culture as well. A biased legal system continues injustices, and breeds disrespect for rule of law.

CNN (and the rest of the status quo) has increasingly been reminding viewers of the rising threat of people with "far right" and/or "anti-muslim" beliefs. Indeed, their main actor/anchor Don Lemon is known to say that white men are currently the biggest terror threat facing the Western world. That's racism, right there, but because it's racism against white people it's currently acceptable. CNN loves to remind white viewers they're racist, and that they should be more tolerant of muslim immigrants. Canada's mainstream media, which was recently purchased by the government for $600 million, is a propaganda machine for the globalists, but it's like that all through the West.

Syria and Somali are half a planet away from Vancouver. If Vancouver was exactly "the West", Syria would be exactly "the East". Canada is just a lot more "North", whereas Syria and Somalia are close to the equator.

How come Saudi Arabia, which can afford to do so, doesn't accept the Syrian refugees, despite having several upsides over Canada?

  • Saudi Arabia is physically closer (a bus ride instead of a plane trip around the globe)
  • Saudi Arabia is closer in climate (many Syrians and Somalians have trouble with the freezing temperatures and ice here)
  • Saudi Arabia is more similar to their religion and culture than Canada
  • Saudi Arabia is responsible for creating many of the world's refugees, but has taken in NONE

And what about the rich Israelis, just around the corner? Don't even go there! Their leaders have emphatically stated they will never take a single muslim refugee or immigrant - because it would be a threat to their economy and culture. They claim to send "aid" into Syria, but turn every single refugee (and regular immigrant) from Syria back at the border.

So is Canada supposed to feed the world's hungry and house the world's homeless, when we have lots of hungry and homeless taxpayers here right now? This isn't about race, or even really about culture! This is madness, and a global plot to destabilize the West.

So we can't fully blame the muslims for pouring into Canada. They've done their research and know Canada makes it easy for them. No paperwork required. All expenses paid, a hotel room and lots of money, then an apartment and higher monthly income than patients on full disability. I was homeless for 2+ years until recently, because there are no rental apartments available anywhere in Vancouver. Many people with good jobs are living in their cars. There's just nowhere with an opening. Why are we flying in planeloads of Syrians, automatically granting them full benefits AND a place to live, if we can't feed and house our own taxpaying citizens?

I'm an immigrant.

My father was born in New Zealand. He met my mother (who was from Vancouver) in Europe as tourists during the 1970s. They married in New Zealand (my mother's family flew in to be there), and I was born there within a year. Before I was a year old, my mother realized that as much as she loved NZ, she was homesick, and they made the decision to come live in Canada near her family.

The 20 hour flight for a toddler was one thing, but the real ordeal was going on in the adult's world of paperwork and immigration.

It took me and my father 4 years to finally become Canadians. He was on a kind of probation (as an immigrant) for years, having to prove he could make money and provide for his family without welfare. He got a job with BC Hydro (the government electrical company), and my mother's father sponsored him on his immigration papers. If anything happened to me or my father, my grandfather would be financially responsible.

Before even landing, my Dad had to show he was educated and healthy, and wouldn't be a burden on Canada. He also had to prove his English was flawless (and they really tested vigorously). Nowadays, they not only don't scrutinize your English, they don't even require you to speak it. Dad had to learn Canadian culture and history, recite the anthem, and pass several tests. He jumped through hoops, filed forms, paid fees, and was investigated and vetted for years.

Then - and this is one of my earliest memories - we spent a day swearing oaths, signing papers, listening to speeches, and shaking hands. I was a Canadian, finally, at 5 years old! My dad was so proud, both that he was finally a Canadian, and that his son was too. (I retain dual citizenship, but haven't been back to NZ in a long time.)

My citizenship certificate informs me that as a Canadian, I'm entitled to all the benefits, and subject to all the responsibilities, of a citizen of Canada. "All the benefits"... and there are many. Canada is rich in resources and opportunities. There's a reason 3/4 of the world would give up their life to come to Canada. We have built something amazing here, something worth being proud of. "All the responsibilities." Like... protecting my country from invasion? Yes, but many others as well. And I accept those responsibilities as I endeavor to fulfill them. I love this land, the people in it, and the culture we share.

Is that "white pride"? Not that there's anything wrong with being proud of your ethnicity (even if you have fair skin!), but no. This is cultural pride. Canadian pride. It's got nothing to do with my skin colour, or any other physical characteristics. This is about language, about traditions, and about beliefs. Shared history, common goals. Culture is about food, holidays, clothing, music, literature, philosophy, rituals, slang, behavioural norms, and customs. It's even about things like which side of the road we drive on, what currency(s) we use, and if we use the metric or the imperial measurement system. Culture isn't at all about skin tone, lip size, etc. Culture isn't who we were at birth, it's who we have become. Culture is behavioural, it's a lifelong series of actions, not something about our genetic makeup. Culture is something we can and should be proud of, not something to be ashamed of!

And when your culture is under threat, it's correct to be worried!

This problem isn't going away on its own. We can't fix it by ignoring it, and mere awareness won't do much either. There needs to be something done to counter the ongoing actions to destabilize Canada and other Western nations. Before something can be done, more people need to be aware of the problem, and willing to speak up about it.

Is this 'hatred'?

There's nothing here about hatred, either stated or implied. Since I tend to say what I mean, and mean what I say, you can be sure this isn't about hatred.

I was taught (by parents and by life) that I should treat people based on how they acted, what they said, and what they did. Not by how they looked, or other things about them they can't control. Later, Lady Gaga came along and said it better. I've never hated anyone for being who they were.

Being muslim isn't something people are born with. It's not part of their ethnicity, their race, their breed. Being muslim (whether talking about the religious or the cultural aspect) is an optional action they decide to take. I may hate what religions do to people and society, but I don't blanket hate all religious people, or even all muslims. Do I hate the muslim invasion, which clearly has a political rather than humanitarian motive? Hate is a strong word, as my mother said. I'm certainly opposed to it, and to the Canadian government's obedience to the global elite.

Most muslims are excellent people. Most humans are excellent people. But some humans aren't, and that does include some muslims. The majority, though, are like everybody else: they enjoy peace, stability, the love of family, and so on. This is about groups of people being played off each other by the global elite. I know that a majority of muslims who are coming to Canada right now aren't bad people, and don't wish harm on Canada. That doesn't negate my concerns, though. Muslims don't integrate, and our cultures truly don't mix. Our government intends to continue importing massive numbers (more than even in past years), so the demographic shift is about to accelerate. Despite most of them being good people, Canada's culture is rapidly changing, destabilizing, and approaching a tipping-point. Most who seek the answers, with an open mind, from a variety of independent news sources, come to similar conclusions.

But no, there's nothing hateful about anything here. If you see it that way, you either failed to read and comprehend, or you're choosing to label it hateful so you can instantly disregard me.

If you find yourself feeling like that... please calm down, read this again, articulate your counter-point, then let me know what you disagree with - and why! I'd love to hear it.

If you agree with me, are you real enough to admit it?


Cultural invasion is a real thing. My culture is worth saving, and it's currently under direct attack. Yes, I'm afraid of the ongoing muslim cultural invasion, and upset with the damage it is already doing to Canadian society. This isn't about race at all, and I don't hate anyone for being the way they are. This is about a valid and appropriate fear of cultural destruction.

I hope I don't always have to be, but under the current circumstances, I'm proudly islamophobic.

Peace <3

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It sure was weird to see a sudden rise in muslims when there had been none before in Canada. Now they're even talking about filling up Northern isolated towns with them. It was supposedly about the Syrian refugees and as it became obvious that these people were from all over the middle east, the story changed to just migration. And just as people start to catch on that places like Saudi Arabia are better for them, we have expedited migrants that come to Canada with 24/7 security on top of all the other goodies if they're female and feel disrespected by their family.

Some excellent points, and what a lot of us are thinking. It really does feel like a cultural takeover. We're told that practising white culture is racist, practising other cultures is apropriation which has become to mean innapropriate and then we're being mandated to adopt muslim culture.

White people are called racist for not supporting a mass influx of muslims, by the same people telling us that we're sexist and that Western patriarchy is the root of all our problems. Hating Trump is the epitome of that, and I'm sick of seeing Trump joke after another with the ironic punchline that he's an idiot.

How Orwellian to attack the president for the one job he's supposed to do (protect borders) while begging government to get their fingers into every other aspect of our lives. What useful idiots pretending that there is still inequality against women in Canada while letting in an actually dangerous patriarchy, islam.


That was a very well written and argued essay. I grew up in Vancouver too and have watched everything you mention take place, as well as a noticeable diminishment of “general” trust. Certainly this cannot be blamed on immagrants coming to Canada, but it can be blamed squarely on the cultural shift that has taken place.

Bravo for standing up and speaking the truth about this matter with enough tact and separation of ideas that it is impervious to the One-line-all-encompassing-libtard tropes that smaller minds resort to in order to advance their insane agendas.



Thanks very much for your feedback, and for speaking a bit about your own experiences. You're right, it's not a simple cause and effect relationship, but immigration (especially the forced and targeted kind we're doing now) is definitely having some effect. To be told to shut up and look the other way (or be outright welcoming) and not be allowed to question anything feels wrong. Something's up and it's okay that we're noticing it.
And it's nice to meet other Steemians from around here, hi :)