The past sure does repeat itself, slavery here in the USA is more prevalent now than anytime in our history. We are all slaves now, the government is the slave master. Slavery here was expanded to include all races, and religions... they didn't want to discriminate against anyone.

Once again @sultnpapper I would have to wholeheartedly agree with you... Their success can now be measured in the fact that most populations around the world are willing participants in their own enslavement. Look at some of the comments I get on these posts - from denial to acceptance and everywhere in between. Some will even give praise to the slave masters as if they were doing them a favor....

Thanks for the comment...

History repeats itself and sometimes it does very dangerously. The past comes back to haunt.

You're right about that - The past is destined to repeat itself, especially when people refuse to acknowledge it... Thanks for the comment @sansoncarrasco... Much appreciated...

I'm not pro-Donald or anything, but DID he actually get that slogan from the KKK? Like, is this factual or just assumed?

Unfortunately all anyone has to do is look at the orange clown's actions over the years to see the ingrained racism. As far as the Clan using the America first slogan, that goes back to the 1920's and it is entirely factual...

Not factual at all to assume he adopted it FROM the clan. The clan was hardly the first place to use the term. Obama used it several times when describing the Iran Nuclear deal so on so forth...just another which hunt and picking cherries....the left right paradigm will never die unfortunately.................

These are very heavily leaning leftists publications. The argument isn't whether or not the phrase was said, but what he actually means when he says it. These are heavily biased organizations in the same way the daily caller is heavily right leaning. They are all trash when all they do is make you think someone from either side will save the day eventually. The thought goes "some day some republican/democrat, will turn this whole thing around and never disappoint me EVER."
Both parties play for the same team. And yes i've read the vox article and it is circumstantial at best. Which by today's standard is A+ journalism! It is a conspiracy and you need to stop drinking the kool-aid. No president is openly going to endorse the Klan. Lol cept Hillary. Not that you'd accept good evidence but here it is regardless spurious and circumstantial just like you like it ;)

But his father was arrested at a Klan rally and Trump was endorsed by David Duke, grand wizard of the KKK. He later pretended to not know anything about Duke despite having previously declined to run in an election for the Reform party because Duke was part of it.

Hey brother - thanks for the comment... Some people will simply never accept the truth - no matter how obvious it is...

Grandaddy Bush supported the Nazi's. We've had 2 Bushes since. Are the sins of the father also that of the sons? Everyone loves the Bushes now because they are status-quo stooges who hate Trump. Keep in mind they all play for the same team! This is my point

First, Duke was the head of a KKK organization for a short time. There were hundreds of separate chapters of the KKK. That was over 30 years ago. Second, Duke quit that position, and the KKK organization he was a part of never harmed a hair on the head of anyone. Third, if Duke decided to be a Democrat he would've easily become a senator or congressman just like Senator Robert (KKK) Byrd AKA Hillary Clinton's mentor who was a lieutenant of a notorious KKK off shoot that actually hanged blacks.

All Dr. Duke has done to warrant such hate from the Anti-White left is being a staunch advocate of Whites. The biggest baddest, most evil thing a White person can do is to stand up for, and love his own people.

Nazi is an Anti-White bigoted slur. Prescott Bush did not do business with the, "Nazis". He was involved in trade with Germany! One of the largest, and booming economies during that era due to it's nationalists policies. To slander an entire ethnic group as a prerogative such as the, "Nazis" is the absolute height of racism. Now, 100 years later, any White person that wishes to stand up for his peoples right to exist is slandered with this same racist slur. The term, "Nazi" is hate speech.

Lol you again! What's up tammy. We're shattering these guys' echo chamber.
Yeah i heard Duke speak on some liberal AM radio talk show, he was the most well spoken person I have ever heard. The show host was in awe and found little reason to interject. I'm sure he'd have no problem w/politics.
I used the term Nazi for ease of use/understanding during our delightful conversation w/the lefties listed above and below. But I don't really think this whole white identity/victim-hood politics is a good angle. A "Nazi" might be a racist term or whatever but then it's the same game over and over again that these perpetual victims play on speech. I would hate for it go there.
Prescott traded w/Germany during the war and I don't know if such a thing as sanctions, as we know them today existed, but pretty sure that would fit under the category of "supporting." Just look at how people are freaking out at China selling oil to the Norks. We're not even technically at war yet!


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