Some Families are Facing Real Political Divisions

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Goodlatte, Miller, and Quiroa. That is not the name of a law firm; it’s a collection of family names that are involved in politics in the United States. And they have something else in common also: a political disagreement within that family has been featured recently in the news. There are others as well (I won’t get into the Conways: wife Kellyanne is a counselor to President Donald Trump, while her husband George sends out anti-Trump tweets).

Politics in the United States (as in some other parts of the world) has become more polarized lately and I doubt we’ve seen the worst of it yet. Blame U.S. President Donald Trump if you want. While the roots of the problem may be economic, it’s hard to deny that Trump and his supporters have elevated right-wing extremism and demonized his opponents in their quest to forge a more nationalistic politics. The liberal side of the spectrum has become energized in opposition to these efforts, and often appears equally extreme and uncompromising in pursuit of its own ideals.


More Divisions

Moderates and consensus-minded leaders have lost elections, taken early retirements, or been pushed out to the point where there are few politicians left who are inclined to work across party lines to get things done. Lost in all of this are the kinds of independent voices we really need: fresh thinkers who bring innovative solutions to the table and have a passion for getting things done. And we’re left with political poles that are drifting further apart than we’ve seen in the U.S. during most of our lifetimes.

As political factions have become more extremist, it has split some families into different camps. I’ve been fortunate, since my extended family tends to be of a similar mindset and we do not have angry disagreements at family events (more like angry agreements). But I have plenty of friends with families that strongly disagree with one another.

And it’s not just a simple disagreement about certain political issues anymore, which once were “off limits” for discussion during many families’ Thanksgiving get-togethers, wedding receptions, and other family events. “Don’t talk politics or religion,” they used to say, but now people expect you to take sides. An individual’s political alignment is becoming a critical element of his or her social and cultural identity, more so than I can remember seeing before.

On the one hand, I think it’s great that people are becoming engaged in the issues and movements of our time. So many U.S. elections have been decided based upon low voter turnout due to political apathy. Now, it’s getting much easier to see the differences between Candidates A and B; they are not just Tweedledee and Tweedledum anymore. Citizens should be involved, they should care, they should speak their minds, and they should be out there pushing for every vote they can get for the candidates and issues that matter to them. That’s democracy in action and I’m happy to see it on both sides of the political spectrum.


But on the other hand, the growing extremism has pushed people apart. Nowhere has that been more evident lately than in some families that have prominent members serving in high places. Here, I will cover three of them which have made the news recently…and wish them a happy time at their family events!


Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to President Trump, has often been mentioned as the chief architect of the president’s hardline immigration policies. From the famous travel ban that heavily restricted visits to the U.S. by those in Muslim countries to the opposition to refugees and asylum seekers to the breaking up of families where the parent is deported and the young child may be kept elsewhere, these policies have had their fair share of critics. None has been more vehement than Stephen Miller’s uncle, David Glosser.

Recently, Glosser wrote an article for Politico magazine. It was entitled, “Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle.”

In the article, Glosser detailed how Miller’s own grandfather fled the anti-Jewish violence and oppression in Belarus, arriving in America at the turn of the 20th century in search of a better life. Glosser went on to add: “I have watched with dismay and increasing horror as my nephew, an educated man who is well aware of his heritage, has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country.”


Glosser then shared the story of a refugee he had worked with at an aid society for immigrants. The man’s name was Joseph and he was from Eritrea. Due to a misunderstanding, Joseph had been persecuted for his religious beliefs, beaten and tortured for 20 consecutive days before being thrown in a military prison and ultimately ending up in a refugee camp in Sudan.

“Before Donald Trump had started his political ascent promulgating the false story that Barack Obama was a foreign-born Muslim, while my nephew, Stephen, was famously recovering from the hardships of his high school cafeteria in Santa Monica,” wrote Glosser, Joseph was suffering in Sudan. He went to Libya and was arrested, then ended up back in Sudan, to Dubai, to Brazil, and then eventually Joseph made his way up to the U.S. border, where he sought asylum and now lives.

Regardless of your beliefs on U.S. immigration policy or which side you favor, it was bold of David Glosser to call out his nephew in a major publication. And one could say that it’s equally bold of Stephen Miller to repudiate the immigration policies of the past that enabled his own family to settle in America. If uncle and nephew end up at the same table this Thanksgiving, here’s hoping they have some compassion left for one another and their fellow family members.




If you haven’t had a ‘good latte’ recently, try Starbucks. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. :) Representative Bob Goodlatte is a powerful congressman from the U.S. state of Virginia. He is a Republican and a strong supporter of President Trump. As head of the House Judiciary Committee, he recently took a strong stance against the actions of an FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who had sent anti-Trump tweets to his girlfriend (who also worked for the FBI). Soon, the agent of 22 years was fired.

Enter Bobby Goodlatte, the son of Congressman Bob. He sent out one tweet expressing his embarrassment that own his father’s “political grandstanding” had ruined the agent’s career. His father, however, is retiring after his current term and is not running again. And son Bobby wasted no time repudiating the candidacy of Goodlatte’s chosen successor, one of his former political aides.

Instead, Bobby Goodlatte announced that he had given the maximum legal donation to the campaign of Jennifer Lewis, the Democratic (opposing party) candidate running for his father’s seat in Congress.

Again, we wish this family happiness and harmony in any future relations.




And that brings us to the Quiroas, father David Sr. and son David Jr. The father is a Trump supporter, while the son and most of the family do not like Trump. They often had political discussions in the home where they live in Rhode Island. When the father (a Republican) began talking about running for a State House seat (currently held by a Democrat), the younger Quiroa (an anti-Trump independent) thought about how important it is for young people to get involved in politics. He suggested that maybe he would run also, which the father thought was a joke at first.


It wasn’t.

Ultimately, both father and son decided to run for the state House seat. And they drove together to City Hall to file papers to declare their candidacies at the same time. They described the wife/mother as a ‘wild card’, since she has not said yet whether she will vote for husband or son.

Here’s hoping Mom can help the Quiroas to stay peaceful.

Even when politics divide us, families and other social institutions can keep us together. It's good that people are so engaged in political issues right now, whatever their beliefs. Hopefully it leads not towards more division but towards more effective leadership where we work together to make a better world.



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Sometimes I wish people didn't wrap themselves emotionally around politics, but at the end of the day, I just hope they don't let those emotions drive their actions.

Firing someone because of political views is certainly a big step, no matter the party. I hope he can sure the FBI and win.

This is such a great read by the way.

For me I started seeing that things were changing when we entered into the dynamic where people began voting for Trump because he pisses off democrats (the other party) that only incentivized people like Milo and the likes to troll the opposing parties to gain attention.

Then it was only a matter of time until the main drive of politics became one where you see the opposing party attacked and ridiculed.

Social media giants, who always aim to capitalize on attention started spoon feeding these types of narratives in mass.

If you're profiled as a liberal you'll be bombarded by content like "stupid conservative getting schooled" and if you're profiled as a conservative, you'll likely see "X person destroys clueless liberal".

We're getting in a point where the main attraction of politics isn't so much about social issues, but rather taking a shot at the opposing party.

I hope we all leave that game, and starting building something more productive as you said.

"Hopefully it leads not towards more division but towards more effective leadership where we work together to make a better world." Amen.


Well said. People deserve better than either of these sides.


Journalism (media), the fourth pillar of the state plays a very negative role in cultivating the reality and building the opinion in the minds of naive masses. I'm sportsman, a cricket commentator more appropriately. My entire life has been nothing but cricket. In my part of the world, from teenagers to old ones, everybody watches cricket in a way that they forget all other routine activities. Now, politicians know about this emotionalism for the game of cricket and play their dirty role not limited to making money but also to have other such gains. From selecting the incapable players and letting them play for years and years to making some good players retire early for no reason, all happens and make the masses frustrated over and over again. This is just one instance from just one game, Cricket.

This is same here in my country:

We're getting in a point where the main attraction of politics isn't so much about social issues, but rather taking a shot at the opposing party.

Our ex PM was listed in Panama Papers and is now behind the bars with his daughter and her husband. They are very corrupt people and have damaged our country more than anybody else in the past. Finally, this country has elected a Sportsman Imran Khan who is ex captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and has a great reputation all over the world. He wants to give back to this country and has already announced to turn PM house, CM and Governor Houses into Universities. He is also against protocol and is going to take action in this regard as well. Obviously, the machinery won't give up so easily and they are paying media heft amounts to do propaganda everyday on non-issues and naive people of Pakistan are once again falling for it.

This is a petition against Ishaq Dar who is a relative and ex finance minister of EX PM (yes, he distributed all the ministries to his relatives) :

I'm just sharing the link to convey my message properly.

Hi @the-alient, Your analysis is great. I'm relatively new to Steemit platform and just connected with you. Looking forward to reading more of your value-packed analysis in future.

Hi @donkeypong, This is a very detailed post and liked reading it. This is probably my very first comment on any of your posts and I loved doing it. Replacing the lower surface of the very first pic in this post would have made it look real. I've great liking for self-defense sports (movies/matches) though I know nothing about it. Lastly, since I'm new to Steemit, how can I make the most out of this platform. Also, I've been thinking of the exact reason behind giving someone our Witness Vote and my earliest thinking was like the person whom we vote for become our mentor and guides us through our Steemit journey. I was wrong. My question is, since I'm related to Sports, so should I chooses some one related to Sports as my witness? Please guide.


The powers of the President will not be questioned? This is the most dangerous man in the White House. He's got to be the biggest fool I've ever seen speaking on behalf of a President. Being a fool and not knowing he's a fool makes him even more dangerous.


That wasn't the main focus of my post, but it's hard to disagree with you there. Dangerous and embarrassing.

I was dismayed at John Dickerson letting Stephen Miler off the hook. Miller implied that a judge in Seattle should have no right to tell a President how he should handle immigration. Dickerson should reminded him of a checks and balance system the founders of the Constitution instituted.

It's a beautiful thing that people are getting more involved in politics, but let our divergent views not destroy the very fabric of the community. Let us not destroy the most valuable and the building block of the society which is the family.


Nicely articulated. Thanks for the comment.

@donkeypong, Personally I hate every politicians under my condition coz more politicians try to seizing people everytime through their lies. I will present my opinion to you. It appears that US politics has become extinct in recent times. There is no doubt that. American politics is trying to conquer the other countries and destroy their economic equilibrium. Under this situation, people's confidence in politics has deteriorated.
But it is a must to intervene to determine the political leadership. If not, that country may become anarchy. Under these circumstances, people need to use their own power to determine the most appropriate leadership.

This is really interesting = amazing how people can differ from one family . I guess that is what makes life exciting. In our family we have that 'split' over the rugby teams we support..... politics not so much - In our country you have those who want better and those who act as though they want better but is destroying the country and the economics with their propaganda and influencing the uneducated.


Rugby would be a far better way to settle some of these differences!


True that and much more fun

A momental cycle around the globe. At a point alcohol was the source of division among family members then came religion and now politics. Money and its control was also an element. Please we all have to grow above all this and think humanity first


'Humanity first'. I like that!

President Donald Trumph has a lot of support and support. In my opinion, the political background should not apply to the political situation in the family context. If that is the case, the family background is destroyed and our economy will also be depleted. When we look at the political culture of the United States of America, the familial background is clearly visible.

Well actually i am not from the united state of america. But i guess this article also talks about my country also. This line you said caught my eyes that "Citizens should be involved, they should care, they should speak their minds, and they should be out there pushing for every vote they can get for the candidates and issues that matter to them. That’s democracy in action and I’m happy to see it on both sides of the political spectrum." Is true, i guess democracy is for citizen to express their mind and cast their vote but some country like my are not like that, some part of my country rig election which is not supposed to be because a citizen has a right to vote so why depriving him or her of that right. Citizen should be the one to showcase their candidate like you have said but not no more instead some top godfather who think they have the power now are now the one choosing their candidate and trying to rig the election in favour of them living out the right of the citizen. I will be glad if my country can make use of this line "Citizens should be involved, they should care, they should speak their minds, and they should be out there pushing for every vote they can get for the candidates and issues that matter to them. That’s democracy in action and I’m happy to see it on both sides of the political spectrum." This is really a great article and i must really commend you for this. I really learnt a lot from this. Thanks for sharing this with us.👍👍👍👍

I am just an observer from Europe, but the way the politics run in the US will probably have a big impact on family relationships... everyone has its own pride and might ruin the lives of the children involved.

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Europe is facing some similar divisions with extremist populist movements in various countries, so I imagine some of the same things could be true there also.

I guess i'd steer clear of making any comment here with respect to politics. Instead i'd focus on family.

Our society is presently having a family values drain which in turn is negatively affecting our society.

It is pitiable when the Man is saying one thing, his wife or son is saying otherwise. In as much as diversity in ideas is welcomed, division and disunity is a terrible thing.

And since the society is a conglomerate of family units, divisions in these units will most def lead to chaos in the society.

Raising a nice family is hard work and it is everyone's responsibility if we must have an orderly and progressive society.


I think it's healthy to have some differing opinions and disagreements because it indicates individuals are thinking for themselves and not believing what one person tells them. But otherwise, I certainly agree with you that it is important to keep families strong and unified whenever that's possible.


I think it's healthy to have some differing opinions and disagreements because it indicates individuals are thinking for themselves and not believing what one person tells them.

I agree with you on this, but some differences in ideology in the name of "thinking for yourself" can be catastrophic especially in young ones.

Nice in depth piece tho, thanks for sharing.

There are six basic pillars of any society including Religion, Politics, Education, Economy, Health and Family. In the current scenario of world, Politics is the most influential and dominant factor. Politics of every region of the world is different according to the customs and cultural pattern of that area. Same is the case with the United States of America. There are several factors to make the politics of the family more sensational and hot debate including the lake of proper awareness about the personality differences, over influence of electronic and social media and off course the culture of the region.

All the political mess among these three names Goodlatte, Miller, and Quiroa is becming the hot topic of the media talk shows. By the way you explained in depth the how all is going !!

I think it is gullible to fight over political parties. I am not politically inclined. My take on politics is you picked whom you think is the best candidate for the job. If he gets the job done, you vote for him again if he is in the running. Otherwise, you pick the next best candidate.
Getting the job done means that under his leadership, there is peace, there are jobs, people are happy, his policies benefit the country, will raise the country's standing and status. Unfortunately, we don't really know how each candidate will do until he has been in office in a reasonable time.
So let everyone vote for the candidate whom they think can get the job done. And may the best man wins. What is there to fight?
But what do I know right? :-)


Throw the bums out when they don't get the job done. :) Your strategy works if everyone votes the same way. I think a candidate's positions on certain issues are quite important, so it's not just a matter of personalities.

What do any of us know? Probably very little. :)


Yes, of course. That is what I meant when I said you pick the one whom you think can get the job done, whose leadership will be the betterment of the people and country.

Again, you are absolutely right. Which is why it is pointless to fight over something you know very little about. If only people could understand this.

This is politics we are talking about. It's dark and dirty. Which is why, the candidate we want to vote for is never in the running. We can only hope that a decent guy or gal step up to the plate, and do a good job. Most of the time, we vote for the lesser of two evils. :-)

Donald Trump os the right wings answer to the leftist extremism. I'm a young conservative guy so I understand that. Its the conservatives who are usually afraid to come out to family and friends so maybe you lean left and feel that Trump is the problem but he isn't. He's just the result of conservatives who are tired of being pished around. I don't like him much but believe me when I say that I stand by my beliefs and sadly the democratic party no longer stands for anything and only seems to attack the right as deplorables who just don't know any better. Look up past elections and tell me who each part saw as an enemy. The right focuses on outside threats such as Isis or Russia. The left on your republican neighbor for simply thinking different from you. I have many democrat friends. Actually almost exclusively and believe me I don't like to argue with them much but sometimes you have to when trying to defend your position. Luckily I haven't lost any friends after the election but the feeling of loneliness sometimes creeps its way in. Its tough to stand in opposition. I try not to judge others until I can personally listen to their opinions. I know for a fact that group think is a huge problem. I hope the divisoon ends soon but at times I feel that people won't learn until acts of violence start emerging across the nation that truly make them take a side.


There's something to that. I hope violence can be avoided at all costs; it isn't necessary. I respect people with different political views as long as they think for themselves and don't wish others any harm. For the opposition party, it's always been easier to attack rather than come up with original ideas for solving real problems. Hopefully, whoever is in power, we can focus more on solving problems and less on demonizing one another.


I hope it is too but I'm sure one side will try to use it and thats when I think people will wake up and vote for the side that doesn't advocate violence.

You are right there are weird stories you hear in social media when politics and different view to the certain situation divide families. I can imagine how it is in America and it is really very emotional, because you feel yourself powerless you can't change anything.

The same situation we experienced here in UK and particularly in Scotland. It was twice here, first time 2014 when Scotland had a referendum to get Independent or stay as part of UK, you can imagine how a lot of information was distorted and a lot of golden future promises. We saw the families when a husband who was Scot gave his voice for independence and wife who was English against it. At the end many families were apart until the end of the votes.

Another example was just less then 2 years ago when UK decided to leave EU, again many young people such as children or grandchildren were for EU because they can study in EU for free and of course they do not need Visa to go to EU, but elderly generation wanted their Empire back. As the older generation all went to vote, the young people as always lay back and thought that everything will just work for them. But now it is a cold shiver, it has happened and we are facing Brexit.

So Tom it is almost everywhere the family is so fragile and it is easy to destroy but rebuild will takes ages. Thank you for this nice article that makes people to think what is a priority your family who is ready to support you when you need or Politician who say today one thing and tomorrow change their mind :)

What a mess, and there appears to be no end in sight. I remember a time when politics was about issues, and intelligent discourse, but now it seems to be a swamp filled with emotionally charged nonsense, where generalities rule ('Make America Great Again' ... what does that even mean?). We seemed to stay clear of it for a while in Canada, and I could stand on my soap box and say, "See? We know how to do politics here", but alas , our Prime Minister's hair and yoga prowess seemed to catch a lot of headlines in the last election, and one look online shows the same kind of division happening in our country, albeit, a lot more polite :)

Political talk and posturing from populists and moderates alike is not likely to solve many of the difficult social and political challenges that now confront us.


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really very important thing you showing in your blog.i know you are best hero in this communitt.because alltime describing real tropic of our real life related.its very good that you anylysis of politics matter.i am always agree with your opinion.its real truth some times families facing real political country stayed this politics.but good politics always doing better our life and teaching good issues.obviously develope doing country.but other side its bad issues being destroy our life and its influence doing every people own life and country.your daily showing post always learning alots of new thing this platform.its very appreciating.i support your every work and resteem your post.but along time ago i am not comment your post.because i don,t know proper time when you giving post in your blog.but everyday i will check your post.because your post doing inspiration of my own work.hopefully you support my work..thanks to sharing for your extraordinary post of politics..very well done.take care yourself and may god bless you..i wish your best of luck and bright future..thank dear good friend.. @dongkeypong respect your good thought..

A politician divides mankind into two classes which are tools and enemies
This is so enlighting @donkeypong

Beautiful post with useful article, i love your blog @donkeypong

The political division in society at the moment is terrible...and futile because the whole left/right divide is fake and false, there simply to divide and confuse us - the real struggle is US (the 'ordinary' people') VERSUS THEM (the corporations and the billionaire class).

Never ever ruin some family because of your political carrier. Humanity first. Dont forget that you are here because of them.

Sorry to say.
I find this post unhealthy...

I need some !popcorn now!

You're right. Your information is very useful for a family.
Divisions of Family Practice are affiliations of family physicians with common health care goals and/or in the same geographic area of BC. It gives physicians a stronger collective voice and more impact in their community while helping them work together to improve their clinical practices, offer comprehensive patient services, and influence To achieve their goals, Divisions of Family Practice work in partnership with their health authority, the GPSC, and the Ministry of Health Services (MOHS).

Politics is such a place that is the best place to develop the country. But the day people see politics with the worst eyesight. Because of this, politics is just thinking about fulfilling your own hunger. Do not think of the poor or others or the country.

My little and simple answer is, "YES"... (^_^)


And what was the question? :)


No question... I just agree with what you said... (^_^)

I'm a Longhorn and bleed burnt orange (wow, the same color as Trump's skin, huh....) and I just WISH this guy had shown up at UT Austin because we know how to handle young Republicans at my alma matter!

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a very good story in politics in one country

Let them all go in and fight it out 😎

I think we are seeing the rise of political tribalism and the divisions will only get worse. Why? because dividing people has proven time and again that it's a sure way to consolidate power

yes, indeed @donkeypong politics in America often shocks the world, I remember when Barrack Obama ran for president in the United States of America, American politics at the time was shocking in the political world.

Whao, this so educative


sometimes real politics becomes a difficult thing to deal with, but it must be solved with a healthy mind

great great

Stephen Miller definitely is the right material for the new generation of politicians for sure! It is the era of confusions, uncertainties, blunders, mistrust, etc., etc., isn't it?

Is it true facts?

This is really an amazing event. How people can go away from their family. I think that with the help of politics many people have been upgraded to live life together. This is not possible by doing anything else. We stood by people in politics. One can benefit many people together. Please all of us must rise above all this and think of humanity first.

I don't know much about politics.
I hate politics. Politics is dirty business.

I’m surprised to see some families have such big conflict in politic views. I think what you did with family is better, having an agreement. I personally don’t believe in any politicians and think it’s not worth the conflict among family or friends. But again, people are different, some can get really angry with different politic or religious views.

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Hi @donkeypong. I think it is great that Trump has got the voters thinking again. Politics stagnated over the last few decades with the obvious coming forward in the leadership battles. Having Trump has changed that and the automatic shoe in of a candidate has gone out the window now.
Families that are splitting down the middle over politics is stupid and nothing is ever that important. Family comes first and if you are prepared to knock a family member publically you are showing your true colors. I am hoping that it brings new names forward who give a toss about what really happens and will try and make a difference.

Total support!
@nachomolina PRESENT!

I'd like to add something to think about.

Order and chaos
The left is often associated with chaos, while the right is associated with order. Neither chaos nor order are fundamentally good or wrong. Chaos thrown into a despicable system (order) can be just as good as bringing order into chaos. Chaos is usually a factor which is bombarding a system, which then tries to process it into order. One can manage order, which is the known, the structure, the constant, but chaos is not manageable as it is, which is the unknown, the danger, the change.

What drives the left and the right?
What I think drives people is essentially the nature of humanity.
The leftists think, the human nature is fundamentally corruptible: Power leads to corruption, possession leads to greed, greed leads to corruption, conflict leads to wars, territoriality leads to social divisions, authority leads to obedience. In order to improve anything, our very nature has to change. One step in order to change that is to cut the roots which bind us to our ancestors, to our country, to our nature, to our culture, to religion. Conveniently they also believe that all these things are merely "made up" constructs, which are nothing else than illusions and backwards habits. Take care of others, if you are helpful, others will be helpful too.

Thanks @donkeypong. There are definitely divisions in my own family. Dad is a staunch republican. Mom a die hard Dem. Over the years they have had some "roasting" towards each other but always managed to move past it.

Unfortunately , some family and friends cannot and relationships are being destroyed : (

Again thanks for this post

Btw @donkeypong, just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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Nice article man keep writing !!

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It is a pity what happens in global politics. Not only in the US also over here in Germany - there is more engagement and movement as before but also radicalism on both sides - all very emotional, often based on fake news and friendships end because of political views. The next years will show if we enter extreme colder political conditions or get back to talk with each other in respectful manner.

Interesting on the family you outlined - never heard of them before.

Here in Venezuela, that's common. 1 of each 4 families are split out for political reasons, diversal oppinions and bad choices.

It's difficult being a free-market child of socialist parents.

Sometimes, i forget i am not a single person.i live in both side. I live take some emotion,feelings,happiness etc.But,Sometimes i fall in disappointed and searching that way how to out come from this disappointed