Working Together To Clean The Mess Up

in #politics4 years ago

As soon as I saw things start to escalate and the looting and rioting begin, I knew it wouldn't take that long before we would see many people going out the next morning to clean up the mess that was made.

To try and overcome some of that chaos and destruction with acts of good.

In dozens of cities around the United States people have showed up downtown to try and clean the mess, with their brooms and trash bags.

It is nice to see people come together peacefully to unify for the cause of helping those businesses to remove the clutter and start to fix the damage that has been inflicted. This same scene has happened many times before whenever there have been similar situations that have unfolded.

The clean-up efforts around the country are signaling the strength in those communities that there are still people willing to come together and do good.

Not sure how protesting police brutality by creating further demand for it with actions of rioting and looting makes much sense. But I suspect that those individuals who had been seen walking out with shoes, cheesecakes, and yes one even driving away a car, probably weren't using too much intellect at the time when making those decisions.

There have been thousands of people seen in various cities that have dedicated their weekends to cleaning up the mess.

A number of small businesses and other venues have been destroyed, including places like Target and Whole Foods.

For the lucky ones they will be able to, and they have the means, to rebuild. For some, they've already had fund pages set up for them with some businesses raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them recover from the attack on their livelihood. One can only hope that perhaps some of those individuals who had a hand in causing the destruction to various businesses, might have later regretted that foolish decision and sought to engage in the opposite the next morning, by going out the next day to provide clean-up help.

For some time they will be busy cleaning up glass, graffiti, and other garbage from the riots. Some jurisdictions have also asked for large groups of people to refrain from gathering in downtown regions right now, despite their willingness to come out and help clean.



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