Trump to British PM: Focus on Islamic Terror, Not My Tweets

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Here's my question to other Steemians: What purpose did Trump's retweets of these hate videos even POTENTIALLY serve, in the best case scenario?


More Americans have died at the hands white Christian males with semi-automatic rifles in the USA than all Muslim terrorist attacks in the UK..

And american should know that in america there is a man who attacks on building.There are many people died therefore american should care from such type of people.

For those who don't know, the man who murdered Jo Cox the other year shouted Britain First as he did so, that's who Trump tried to legitimise with those tweets. As a Brit anything short of Theresa May stepping out of number 10 and saying 'fuck you Trump' is a weak response. Saying that I'm glad she at least did some condemning of this even if it was weak tea.

As an American, please accept my apologies for the things the ruling class does. I didn't want it to be this way.

May really should cancel his visit to the UK. This hatred needs to stop!

And now the GOP is on the precipice of giving a massive tax break to the 1%. This is sick and sad.


In the best case for him, Trump successfully manages to distract people from prior scandal with more scandals until the number of scandals reaches such an absurd level that no one believes these scandals can both be true and he still be in office for all 8 years. Also him and his family make several billion dollars for themselves and all of the richest in the USA.

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It's bad enough that Trump is fucking up his own country, but now he's fucking up mine too. If that old, fat, Orang-Utan spawn with tiny hands comes here on a visit, you can bet I'll be in the crowd of protestors against him.

Trump only REALLY wants attention when it's positive for him.

I'm really not sure David. Maybe he has become infatuated with how he doesn't have to answer for his actions and thinks this is just another troll to drum up more publicity for himself

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Not a Trumpist - shudder - but commenting. He'll say anything to distract from the looming tax bill. Distract the American people by instigating fights with foreign leaders. Scare the American people that we'll lose our allies.