The truth is ... Trump thought it was an Ethnic Lawyer.

Once Trump realized his mistake, he said "You're Fired"

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realy, i'm Shocked.

Honestly This post wants my tooth out😂

    Ethnic lawyer my foot lol

The real shock is that Trump HAD AN ETHICS LAWYER

Bahahaha! If he didn't quit, he should definitely be fired. I haven't seen much ethical behaviour out of Trump..

I remember when president Trump while visiting Saudi Arabia ; king Salman asked president Trump to drink the Arabic coffee with his right hand according to Arabic ethics.

Trump thought it was an Ethnic Lawyer.....

everyone is going to leave him...your way of talking is awesome .

At some point, even the most corrupt in the #DishonestDonald circle give up! LOL!


I'd be getting a huge kick out of this administration if I didn't have to take it seriously. Unfortunately, we elected this guy to be president. My opinion of our country's collective intelligence has plummeted. I wish I could laugh.

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"Draining the Swamp!" they'll say :|