Reactions to Las Vegas

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I want to share links to several commentaries on the Vegas massacre. I lack the words to express the depth of this tragedy. I lack the knowledge necessary to critique gun laws, mental health laws, and the status of our country as a result. So, I share the words of people who know well and convey poignantly.

Jimmy Kimmel

Trevor Noah

Stephen Colbert

James Corden

The time for political conversation and action is now. We are all to blame, whether for our actions or our complacency. We need to get better at being human. Humanitarian: "concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare" (Google Dictionary). Synonyms: compassionate, altruistic, philanthropic. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to deviate so far from the definition of who we are and can be. I choose love// I choose action.

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All I hear from these people is "we need gun control". And then they place that at the feet of corrupt politicians to pass a law to outlaw something that is part of American culture.

Also, none of these people have any special knowledge of gun control laws.

I share your fear, concern, and frustration over what has happened recently. I think the number one thing people are doing which isn't helping at all, is listening to the people you mentioned in your post, all of whom are NOT experts on politics, guns, reform, or well......anything. They are comedians.....They all happen to also use their influence to push THEIR agenda, not yours. I respect your thoughts and opinions. I agree wholeheartedly that we need do to better at being human which appears to have become a lost art. In the wake of social media and they spirit of "everything now", we, as humans, are more selfish and terrible than ever before.

There is no taking anything away from the tragic events in Las Vegas, but I have to wonder, how does a person walk into a hotel, that has multiple security cameras, with several guns and going by the number of injured, thousands of rounds of ammunition?

Apart from the bulky, not so easy to put in a suitcase shape and size of long barrelled weapon systems, the weight of that may rounds and the magazines required to house them, so as not to have to reload after every 30 to 50 rounds, is not something that is easily disguised.

Then of course there's the question of how he opened the window and did not cause a noticeable change in pressure not the 32nd floor. Now the hotel may have employed rent a cops who were drinking coffee and eating donuts, but this is Vegas, not the sort of place that would go for the whole rent a cop thing.