Steem Dollars are worth more than 100,000 times as much as Venezuela's cash and more than 30 times the South African Rand

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Venezuela's Cash is going for 0.000014 for 1 USD worth

See the Google prices currently: Dollar to Bolivar and Dollar to African Rand. Does this mean anything? It means if you live in South Africa or Venezuela and you blog on Steem you could be making significant amounts of money right now. If your post were to land you just $5 then it's 63 in South African Rand and 500,000 in Venezuelan Bolivar.

Steem represents the opportunity of a lifetime for bloggers around the world right now

Steem is a nice entry point into crypto. Although many do complain about the reward pool going toward whales and not being spread around; it is also the case that $1 isn't worth the same all around the world. In some countries $1 is a lot of money while in other countries $1 isn't even enough for a happy meal.

For those of us lucky enough to be blogging on Steem; let it be a reminder of how good we currently have it. At the same time let it also let us know just how much utility Steem offers and how much more Steem can grow with SMTs in place. When government discuss banning cryptocurrencies and blockchain or when people say how it is evil they need to look at how it's saving people's lives in a literal sense by allowing people to "earn a living"sharing knowledge, information, and building community. In a world where there was basic income perhaps alternative economies in cyberspace would not need to form but because the world is as it is; there is a demand.



Fiat money always goes to its intrinsic value of zero. Go Steem!

And it is also worth about 2900 times the Japanese Yen.

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I've read a number of comments on this site from people in Venezuela who say that Steem has been a lifesaver for them. A couple of years ago I read a book about the hyperinflation that took place in Weimar Germany. Reading the stories about how the lives of everyday people were destroyed was heartbreaking.

I am Venezuelan and 1 steem is equivalent to 2.2 million bs.f this amount of money is equivalent to 1 minimum monthly salary working from Monday to Saturday to earn this monthly amount and I in steemit earned me 1 steem in 2 days is an average.
if you currently @dana-edwards ... come to Venezuela earning that amount per publication you get rich quickly here in my country.

Life is full of surprising.
Crypto will change the way we see thing.

Steem represents the opportunity of a lifetime for bloggers around the world right now

Yeah you’re right, in my country Nigeria , steem is a life saver and it’s saved my life

Just in: ‘World of Warcraft’ currency is now worth 7 times as much as Venezuela’s cash ~


I think and know investing more on steem now would be the perfect and best investment has been on the rise lately I just hope it keeps up the trend in Nigeria and I know hope it has really improved the standard of living of bloggers..
Awesome post

Steem provides great opportunity for people living in developing countries to strive, and for them to move out of poverty and be able to take care of their families . With the differential in price between steem dollars and most developing nations currencies ,someone who is hardworking and dedicated on steemit can actually makes 5$ per day which when converted to fiat currencies in these countries can transform their financial life for better @dana+edwards

Steemit is a great opportunity for people from those countries. I heard that situation in Venezuela is awful, I read that peoole are stealing animals from the zoo so they can eat them. Imagine the situation there.

I am glad to be part of Steemit at to know some people that are helping others in those poor country. I am sending my SBD's to a trustworthy lady and she is giving it to Venezuelian people. She has daily and I think, weekly giveaway... If you're interested in helping, feel free to contact me.
It's a special feeling to send SBD and then see in the postvof that person what food he/she bought..

Steemit is a tool where we the people can help others a lot. If government is not caring, let us unite for our brothers and sisters..

Thanks for sharing love and knowledge. Have a great day!

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