2018 midterms were a disaster

in politics •  last month

how many open racists won? lmfao

literal cheater in GA won jfc i can't right now.

republican governors all over the north-east ""blue"" states fuck you

beto lost to a literal cartoon character like wtf

what a fucking disaster

can't wait for the biden 2020 nonsense to start taking over now, wooooo

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forgot to mention Alabama's abortion nonsense jesus fuck

You should run in 2020. Get the idiots out of office, and real people in. You have a strong set of convictions, I bet you'd be able to get the word out...


Great idea!!!

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IKR? I can't believe these voters in Texas and Florida. What the fuck is wrong with people? At least Scott Walker wasn't re-elected--and Democrats won back The House of Representatives. I don't trust Nancy Pelosi though. She let Bush/Cheney off the hook, remember? Wanting to Move Forward and all that BS? The Democrats are known for being weak and meek. Remember Harry Reid in the Senate? What a wimp compared to the bully Mitch McConnell.

We'll take it. On to 2020 without a Clinton or a Biden, PLEASE!


pelosi is a useless zombie, we really need someone who has more than zero self-confidence like bernie or something..............

2020 primaries will be a grand spectacle of shit, can't wait!

A complete upheaval wasn't undertaken in one night! Might as well nuke the whole world! LOL