What Media is NOT showing you about Donald Trump

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The media is actively on the offensive with Donald Trump to make him seem unpopular "Basket of Deplorable's". This is just not the case. He's extremely popular and the anti establishment candidate. Most of what media says about Donald Trump are lies. One just has to take a look at a very small sample of rallies he's had, and the crowds he attracts to see why the media is hiding this or rarely shows the crowds at his rallies. 


And Hilary Clinton Rallies

 Hillary Clinton calls voters "Basket of DEPLORABLE!" about millions of American's / Trump voters 

Any Questions??


This a great post and deserves an upvote. STEEMIT hasn't even scratched the surface yet and is an amazing concept. I recently posted a couple of articles about STEEMIT, the future of BLOCKCHAIN, Social Media CryptoCurrencies, and how Dan & Ned have just opened Pandora's Box on Mainstream Media. You may find them interesting to read. Especially the one about Dan & Ned as it fits with your post and you will understand why..!! Following and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. You can also catch us on Twitter Twitter✔. Cheers. stephen

Great contrast on the media chosen narrative pics versus reality.

Those really sum up the "news" that the leftist dominated Ministry of Truth tries to force down our throats; and don't forget that this same institution of lies supports the globalist agenda as well. Both agendas firmly hate Americans and Trump who those Americans have chosen.

Is this a surprise?
Donald Trump is a liberal democrat who ran as a Republican with the intent of trashing the GOP. The news media, by his own statement, gave him billions of dollars of free advertising.
He did that.
Now the news media is done with him. Trump is trying his best to lose while putting on a show of still trying.
He's taking a dive.

I really don't think so:

Understanding Trump

Thanks for doing this piece! I was thinking about doing something similar myself before I found out about steem. I shared it to my FB page that has close to 500 followers.