The Lit Ass Adventures of John Taco and Buck Dandy PART ONE

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Just a couple of chubsters. That's all John and Buck were before their adventure.
Before everything changed.

January 2017
John stepped out of his room into the cold breezy air. The wind blew back his long flowing hair away from his greasy, pimple infested face.

Buck was right behind him. With his ass hanging out, and nipples errect, he proudly pumped out his chest.

They overlooked the city. Buildings were burning, people were dead, and worst of all... Hilary was president.

Ever since Hilary took over the United States, shits been going to hell. In the first week of her presidency, to secure her position of authority, she had everyone who was better than her assassinated. That left only John Taco and Buck Dandy alive, since they were calculated as ZERO threats by the pentagon's super computer.

John Taco and Buck Dandy weren't exactly sure what was going on, but they had a hunch something was up.

They decided to go where they find all their answers... They quickly discovered that the last post was the day before Hilary's inauguration, otherwise known as D-Day 2.0 (when everyone was assassinated).

This had happened a week ago, but John and Buck, with the little brain power they had, they decided to investigate. They decided to venture... outside.

They crept out into the street reluctantly, unsure of what to make of their new surroundings. A Hilary Bot 3.2 crept up behind John and Taco, it began assessing them...

But then, John made a grave mistake. He decided to ask the AI what was happening... the AI immediately whipped out it's machine guns, blasting John 60 feet down the road. He was dead. Taco, slightly worried, ran to him. He asked the robot why he did this, but again this resulted in a rain of 50mm rounds piercing through Taco's body.

These simple questions boosted their IQ level just high enough to trigger the AI... resulting in death... or so they thought...


Let me know what you think below, I plan on writing a new part daily.


I tried to move this to funny but i won't let me lmao

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