Voting in a nutshell.

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I originally was going to write an article about this topic, but the picture above summarizes it perfectly. Every election is the silly cycle of switching between corrupt parties and voting for politicians who are almost certainly bought off by those who helped them get to such a position in the first place. This obviously applies to other countries besides the U.S. with their own political parties as well.


Rather than believing that finally, after over two centuries of voting, some politicians will all of a sudden come along and decide to start listening to the average slave - oops, sorry, I mean citizen - instead of those with massive influence and wealth, empower yourself by acknowledging that no one has the right to force you against your will, even if it's called "law".

769243078b6efc98cf5d7585fa40ad00--the-authority-morals (1).jpg

My favorite is when people say that if you don't vote, you can't complain. It's actually the opposite, since voters legitimize whatever the politicians do by making it clear that they want the politicians to have power, since they voted for them in the first place. Even those who vote for the losing candidates empower and legitimize the winning candidates by participating in the system.

During the next election, I will try to get a hold of some buttons that say the following and proudly display them:


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Lesser of two evils is still evil

Exactly, which is another good reason not to vote.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”

― Mark Twain