The bullshit that comes out of mainstream pundits from both sides

in politics •  last year 

This is going to be an extremely short and crude post, because I want to get to the point.

If you turn on CNN, Fox News, or any other mainstream network, which I hope you don't, it's hard to avoid hearing the collectivist nonsense from the soulless pundits they interview. For example:

"Everyday Americans want/think bla bla bla..."

No, shut the fuck up. You don't get to speak for hundreds of millions of people and declare what they're experiencing and thinking.

"We as a nation need to bla bla bla..."

Again, no, and shut the fuck up. You're not who decides what people need to do with their own lives.

Those imbeciles you hear every day on TV don't care about the "average American". They just get paid to say the same collectivist, statist and anti-individualist messages that only benefit those in power and the few with enough money and influence to have access to them.

The mainstream media is nothing but a mouthpiece for the powerful with an agenda that mostly benefits them at the expense of the regular person. Most of the people who have large audiences and make videos about current events and social commentary because they actually care are on social media, since the mainstream media isn't going to give a platform to anyone who thinks for themselves and questions the narrative coming from powerful institutions like governments, central banks, influential organizations and universities etc.

Of course, I don't agree with everything I hear on social and alternative media, and it's important to think for yourself and fact check what you see on the internet, since there's a lot of crap on it as well. The main takeaway here is that the influential and powerful use the mainstream media as a tool to distract the average person from the fact that they are slaves to an oppressive system that over-regulates and over-taxes them.

It's time to turn off the TV.

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