The Corporate Terrorism Industry and the Smith Mundst Act of 2012

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One automated induced and hypnotized perspective that the masses live in, and believe in their news Gods, CNN, FOX NEWS and BBC, where the mass media tell you how it is, it's the truth, that's right. Fake news is only reserved for alternative independent media, ofcourse, we don't work for the globalist criminals who always tell the truth, because they have no other agendas.


Smith-Mundt Modernization Act - In 2012, the US government revived an act from World War II, to film and broadcast fabricated propaganda news to an international audience. The US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly referred to it as the Smith–Mundt Act, specifies the terms in which the United States government can engage global audiences, also known as propaganda.


The latest ''terrorist attack'' in LA is tragic, yet the flaws in this story are so obvious, and so is the ritualistic symbolism involved. On the first of this month, October, during the build up to Halloween, the shooting was carried out from the Gold Tower, a gold Monolith, the gold phallus, Isis made for her dead husband Osiris, the God of the Afterlife, in an attempt to resurrect him from the dead. People were shot and killed from this Golden Monolith, sacrificial killings, people who were killed and injured just yards away from the Egyptian Obelisk, Sphinx and Black Pyramid, with its shining light at the top to symbolize the All Seeing Eye. The numerical gematria of the first shooting time and connected numbers reflect the Saturn worshipping ritualistic Masonic numbers, as they do for many of these other staged events. The manufactured war on terrorism is orchestrated by the Masonic shadow government, they rake in great profits on the augmentation of fear is great for business, war and control as per usual.

The Manufactured Corporate terrorism that has reached almost a monthly occurrence is rolled out by the shadow governments and giant corporate Investment bankers, security and militarized technology giants. There are even corporations that exist, that specialize in simulating terrorist attacks, which usually coincide with public drills, which these other giant companies hire, here is one particular site which has been involved in orchestrating some of the British and European terrorist attacks this year, called Crisis Solutions, on their website they boast.

''Crisis Solutions is Europe’s leading crisis simulation company. Our core job is helping clients become crisis ready, by providing world-class simulations, tests, training and plans. If clients do get in trouble we help them navigate their way out. We’ve been doing this since 2000.'' Crisis Solutions, at the bottom of their website, they proudly display their sponsors who profit from these manufactured terrorism simulations. They also state on their site ''Crisis Solutions, the Clue is in the name'' Cr-ISIS.

Their clients

The Houses of Parliament
The Scottish Parliament
IAA Israel Airport Authorities
General Electric
Societe General Insurance Banking
Lloyds Bank
Sage Investors
Doosan construction
Standard Life
Mazaars, (audit and advisory company for transnational activities from a single source )
Tokyo Marine Kiln Insurance
Mercedes Benz
NF Mutual
Fidelity Investments
Serco Immigration, Defence, Transport, Security, Prisons, Aviation

Notice how most of these are Insurance and Investment companies, Security is a big investment business during such times.

At the Open Mind Conference 2017, Ole Damegard, an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator raises some interesting points in his talk “Terror” – are you kidding me?”, on the increased industrialization of Manufactured Corporate Cr-ISIS Terrorism.

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