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Fifty four percent of the US Budget goes to Military expenses

in politics •  11 months ago


US spending in 2015.

The US economy is built on profiting from War-As long as the USA is in debt by 19 trillion dollars, you can be sure that America will continue to manufacture wars in other countries, this is a guarantee, it matters not who you vote for.

The US does this using various tools with Machiavellian tactics, the propaganda machine of the revived the Smith–Mundt Act where it is legal to manufacture fabricated propaganda news to a foreign audience, a necessary tool if the country is to use war as a means to gain resources in other countries along with imposing sanctions on various enemy countries for geopolitical gain.

While the USA has sold uranium and weapons to many of the countries it is at war with including Russia, it ignores its own sanctions that it imposes on any other country. However, if any other international banks ignore US sanctions, the US government can fine those banks billions of dollars in fines.

Usually between 6 to 30 billion if those banks ignore international trading sanctions they are at risk of conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA), yet the USA can violate its own sanctions and trade with the enemy, this is just one reason why war is profitable.

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