- An Obvious Truth Often Overlooked

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Scales of oppression/levels of oppression/whatever you'd like to call it will never be a binary, x number of choices of what makes you "oppressed". All of our experiences, many of which are left to random chance, as well as our DNA at an individual level, will all lead to a singular individuals disadvantages.

Have you ever met a low intellect person, for example? I'm not talking about someone who is intellectually disabled; I'm talking about someone with full faculties who is on the lowest 10% (or even 1%) side of the bell curve for intelligence (not test scores, not something necessarily that we have a measure for today, but of their level of base cognitive ability).

Are you aware of the struggle that person faces?

If you knew that was the case for them (something incredibly difficult to know), would you have the audacity to consider it negligible?

Should those struggles be minimized?

It isn't a joke when I say that those are some of the most disadvantaged, if not the most disadvantaged, people in our society. Someone who would have trouble understanding a list of directions or someone who can't bring themselves to do things cautiously because they don't have enough 'RAM' (working memory) to do so. ...keep in mind that is 1 in 10 of our able-bodied people.... 1 in 10 are less capable of reason than 9 in 10 of our able-bodied population.... let that sink in... you want to talk about the "1%"... what about the 1% on the rationality bell curve, or the charisma bell curve, or the athletic bell curve... those people are HUGELY advantaged (and intelligence most of all since there are more jobs.

Can you imagine the struggles of the "1%" at the bottom of the bell curve in any given socially-valued skill or ability?

As society and the economy it exists in is currently structured, it is a COMPETITION and the bell curve holds true... there are people who are going to lose even in the fairest game in a completely equal theoretical environment, if left to their individual DNA (the hardware that can be influenced by environment).

This is very important to realize because it is important to recognize that there are a lot of problems with the system itself that lead to disadvantages for many, including many you wouldn't expect. There are a lot of disadvantaged people and it is important that we don't ONLY concern ourselves with the most "at-risk" groups (deemed as such by the majority, it seems). This information is important because it sees beyond categorization and sees the individual (NOTE the use of 'beyond', not 'past'. Categories matter and there are widespread prejudices across multiple 'at-risk' groups, but categories aren't the ONLY thing that matters, not by a longshot). Noting the truth of intersectionality might make us a little kinder toward those who don't share our opinions and maybe it will make our vision of the past, the present, and our vision for the future a bit more clear.


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