Voter Fraud: Too much talk too little action

in #politics2 months ago

I look at the news every now and then and since my job involves quite a bit of driving around I am more likely to listen to it than anything else. I keep hearing more and more stuff about voter fraud thing and voter fraud that and how such and such county in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania are riddled with fraud and that they have the proof etc... yet nothing every happens.


I believe there is voter fraud, I've felt this way for many years - not just since 2020. However, I don't think that anything is going to come from all of this and that conservative news outlets are merely fueling the fire of political divide by continuing to talk about it. I honestly don't believe anything can or will happen even if they do catch someone or find a fall guy to take the heat.

Thus far, even though I have kind of stopped paying attention to it, they have found like one guy and charged him with voter fraud and that was just for his own vote.

I really don't like Democrats but this has become "Russia Russia Russia" in reverse. Not necessarily because it isn't true but because it is really starting to look like the official involved aren't going to do anything about it and that politics are dictating how the process moves along anyway.

Even though it isn't necessary, it really wouldn't surprise me if the election audit in Texas were to come up with a lot more evidence of fraud than the ones in Georgia or Arizona and it isn't because Texas actually has more voter fraud but because Texas is a conservative state and therefore will cooperate more when it comes to finding it. I think that every state is likely riddled with voter fraud and it isn't just "the other guys" that are doing it either.

It seem like every time I look at the news feed in Telegram that there is some "bombshell" story about how they have found the smoking gun in the 2020 election fraud and then nothing ever comes of it. The attention that this situation is getting is probably good, because the next elections are going to have a ton of watchdog groups involved and maybe this will enforce actual election integrity. In the meantime though I kind of wish the news organizations that keep giving people hope would just cut it out. We all know that the people in charge are not going to go quietly in the night and this will just become a question of lawyers rather than truth.


Most times politicians tend to talk much on manifestos and when elected forgets what they promised to do.Thereby, using the manifestos to lure voters without taking major actions to fulfill their manifestos.

It's difficult to think of any politician that actually came through on their promises, yet people still believe them at the rallies. It's all pretty disheartening.

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