People need to pay better attention to local elections

in #politics2 months ago

It seems that people pay the most attention to the elections that are actually going to affect their lives the least and the least amount of attention to the election that are going to affect their lives the most. This is a lesson that we are learning in our own community and I like to think that we are opening our eyes to how important it is to have the right leaders on a local, county, and state level instead of just focusing on who the next asshole in the White House is going to be or who gets to be in the Senate.


Although I really don't like Biden I think he has a very real purpose and that is to expose how useless the Presidency of the United States actually is. Biden can't get through a press conference without a cheat sheet of friendly reporters with pre-arranged questions. He can't get through a speech without a teleprompter and he frequently forgets where he is and who it is that he is meant to be talking about and even people that he assigned to jobs because he's "known them for a long time and they are truly qualified"..... just not qualified enough for him to remember what their name is though.

I preferred Trump but only because he was amusing. I wouldn't say that my life changed a great deal under his administrations, or Obama's, or Dubyas, or Clinton's. Before that I was too young for anything that they did to be noticeable to me and wasn't old enough to vote anyway.

They all did a lot of talking (except Biden of course) and were on TV a lot (again, except for Biden) but I never really noticed a great deal of my actual life changing because of anything that they did. The same can be said for Congress. I haven't noticed any real change to my life based on anything that they do. I'm sure there has been a tax or two that added a few cents to my overall bill at the grocery store or something that they were directly responsible for but for the most part, I don't think it really matters who is in power on a national level.

Local elections on the other hand, can have an immediate and drastic impact on my life. While I find it truly sad that this is even possible for anyone in an office to determine and I am strongly opposed to it, the local elections determine what I can do with my land, how much tax I am going to pay for services I actually use because they are near me and whether or not we build useless statues or useFULL playgrounds and libraries. We are also a lot more capable of holding these electors accountable because they are actually members of our community.


In the meantime everyone is getting all worked up over a presidential election and senate elections and the things that affect them the most, their local elections, unless it happens to fall on the same day as a Presidential election, they probably don't even bother to vote in them.

I'm not saying the the Federal government has no impact on our lives but case in point being our local community's decision about a year ago that we were not going to follow Federal covid mandates or state ones. Because our local officials were on our side as far as this was concerned we were "able to get away with it" and have done so ever since.

So when I see people complaining about restrictions where they live I want to ask them: Did you vote in your local elections? Do you even know who your local officials are?

That has so much more impact on your life than the national ones do and honestly, people should pay a lot more attention to them than they do.