I am really confident that Biden is in charge (sarcasm)

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When Trump did interviews, it used to irritate me how he would go on and on and on basically saying the same thing over and over and over again. It was as if he felt as though he felt the need to occupy the airspace with his voice out of fear that stopping would mean that someone else would start talking and he couldn't have that. I don't think that Trump was a fantastic orator but he, and probably your 8 year-old nephew is a much better speaker than Joe Biden.

When Biden did a townhall, I have to admit that I did not watch it. I don't think very many people did. I want to say but don't care enough to actually look but i want to say that some reruns of old cartoons far outpaced the ratings for this event and despite the lack of covid mandates they didn't even come close to filling up the building. The camera angles were always tight so they could hide the fact that people were either not allowed to come, or were not interested in being there at all.


There probably isn't a network that works harder than CNN to protect and promote Democrat causes and of all their commentary blowhards it is probably a draw between Brian Stelter and Don Lemon as to which one of them will go the furthest to protect Biden. Stelter is too fat and strange looking to be standing on a stage so I guess they chose Lemon for that reason - they didn't want any memes coming out of this event but they did anyway because no one was there.


They can't claim it was covid-related because everyone is up front. I think that what is really going on here is that not enough people actually wanted to go OR there was a fear of someone shouting out real questions to Joe that were not on the approved script that they went through beforehand.

They did their best to make it appear as though the questions were not arranged beforehand but to use one of Joe's favorite lines..... "come on man!" We all know that isn't the case. Despite this, one of my favorite Biden quotes ended up coming out of a question that Don Lemon couldn't even salvage despite the fact that he almost certainly wanted to when Biden was asked about vaccines. Biden actually said this on a nationally televised show.

“Are you okay? You see now it works, or-or-or- the mom and dad, or-or-or the neighbor, or when you go to church, or when you’re, I-I-I really mean it, There are trusted interlocutors. Think of the people. If your kid wanted to find out whether or not there were—there was a man on the moon or you know something, or whether those aliens are here or not. I mean, who are the kids they’re talking to beyond the kids who love talking about it,”

I just LOL'd in my room simply copy and pasting that. Imagine giving this quote to a group of college students 20 years from now and asking them to try to guess what this person is talking about? Then ask them what you think that person did for a living or how high an IQ they have or whether or not the speaker is in a home for the mentally unstable or not.

Then you tell them that it was the President of the United States.

Trump had a few gaffes, Obama once got the number of states wrong, Bill Clinton was pretty good at not making mistakes, Dubya was a gaffe machine but the King of them all is without question Joe Biden. This guy doesn't know how to talk, or read a teleprompter. I really do not believe that he is making any actual decisions as far as this country is concerned and based on this and many other hilarious quotes that just boggle the mind with how all over the place they are, it is probably a good thing if he isn't making decisions.


I heard the "or or or" the "man on the moon" and the "aliens" and my first thought was: senile, the man is used, next he will be dumped (or wiped out) and the lady will take over (that's the plan).
It won't be any better I wait for the moment they admit the vaccine ate his brains.

Men like Boden and Fauci cannot be taken seriously.