BLM riots do not spread corona, but anti-lockdown protests do

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It's funny how that works huh? A few weeks ago before Saint George, the patron saint of violently resisting arrest, died at the hands of a police officer, any gatherings of more than 20 people was certain death. It was so deadly in fact that multiple mayors of liberal cities threatened extreme penalties for anyone who violated the social distancing guidelines. Isn't it a bit funny to you that once the issue the people are protesting changes, the stance on social distancing also completely changes?


The protest on the right up there was attacked by the media pretty much universally for being a bunch of selfish assholes who only cared about themselves and were killing their family and neighbors. They media went on to label them as white-supremacists even though there were people of all races in their ranks, and there was absolutely nothing racially-oriented about the protest. The only law these people broke was the fact that they did not have a permit for the protest, which is a dumb process anyway.

The media tried to make them look stupid by highlighting the people who were obviously joking such at the "I need a haircut" guy and the liberal looney f**kwits with cranial capacity of a labradoodle immediately soaked it up as these very large protests were reduced to being a group of white nationalists who want haircuts.... their overall message was all but ignored. It is worth noting that there was no destruction of property, no looting, no rioting, and very few arrests at any of these protests nationwide.


Enter Saint George Floyd, who was actually a horrible person that multiple arrests one of which where he held a pregnant woman at gunpoint(with gun pointed at her unborn baby) while he robbed her and the attitude towards people gathering in large groups all but disappears.

Corrupt Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser threatened jail time and fines of $5,000 for people violation stay at home orders to protest the lockdown, but when the protests for Saint Floyd happened, she practically endorsed them.

The groups protesting for BLM nationwide caused a tremendous amount of property damage including hilarious damage such as burning down an Arby's (above). What in the living hell does Arby's have to do with BLM, or racism, or anything for that matter, you unbelievable morons.

The media did everything they could to pain these protests as virtuous and necessary while in the meantime all that someone who actually lived in these areas had to do was open the window in order to see that it was the opposite (again) of what the media was trying to portray. It was chaos, there was no message, it was a large group of hooligans rioting, indiscriminately breaking things, and stealing stuff.

The media's coverage of all of this is infuriating and now that conservatives are unwilling to participate in lockdowns because it apparently doesn't apply anymore due to BLM idiotic rioting that the cities did next to nothing to prevent or punish they are going back to saying that Covid is dangerous again and even published articles to suggest that the BLM gatherings didn't cause a spike in Covid cases but a Trump rally in a controlled environment is reported as doing the opposite of that even though this is obviously medically impossible to anyone with half a brain.


Don't get the wrong idea. I think the Corona-virus is an overhyped slightly more deadly flu, and the media and the government overlords use it selectively to demonize or even prevent gatherings that do not fit into their agenda. My own family had a funeral that we could not attend under threat of legal repercussions, yet St. George Floyd the Felon has 200 funerals across the country at massive gatherings with people who he did not know including dickhole politicians (including Joe Biden) who didn't even know the guy that are looking for a photo op to pander to black voters.

The hypocrisy is maddening and even worse are the sheep in my FB feed that buy into it.


I just wish I could to you more than $o.oo1.

the fact that you read and comment is worth a lot to me pal. Don't sweat it. :)

you are not wrong. the condescending a-holes in my IG or FB actually were saying nasty things like the people were killing others in order to get a haircut and to "just stay home" so they can feel like they have the moral high ground and talk down to others. Then they all assume they are smarter than the "conservatives" even though at the time these anti-lockdown protests were not partisan. As soon as the media got a hold of them they became that though as democrats were afraid of the outrage mob. Just one more reason that the media is reprehensible.

it's crazy how people claim to not be brainwashed sheep by the mainstream media but then the exact thing they talk about over and over is precisely what the media has been feeding them. So brainwashed that they don't even realize they have been brainwashed and will actively deny it.

Brother you are right now days everywhere in the world going on the same.i am from India and see our media they are the media of people but infact the are of our worthless government.our government is nothing but a peace of crape.and i am sorry if i am writing anything wrong . I dnt wont to disturb or offend you.

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