Sandy Hook KILLED TV

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HOW did the Sandy Hook HOAX kill TV? Interview with journalist "Barry Soetoro."

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Since the 1930's, your TV delivered shows (fiction) and news (non-fiction). But Sandy Hook killed all that. Sandy Hook exposes your TV as a source of fiction ONLY. There's no such thing as "news." Not anymore. Because the news is fake.

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David Wheeler played SWAT team member, grieving parent (who lost a child), and is an actor on IMDB.

The biggest story in the past 20 year??
9/11, Iraqi WMDs, OBL death, Boston bombing, Charlie Hebdo, US proxy ISIS.
Sandy Hoax was just one of the many lies these past 2 decades.

It's nice to know that true journalists still exist...Outstanding job ...Thank you

I watch sometimes TV just to see what propaganda the so called Elite is push out for a good laugh.