Sandy Hook HOAX Busted! (3-Minute Preview)

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Smoking gun footage NUKES the “Newtown CT shooting.”
But 49 States never saw it. Only 1 State saw TV footage that shatters Sandy Hook’s gun hoax!

The day Newtown kids get “killed,” Geraldo Rivera joins the O’Reilly Factor. As O’Reilly speaks, we see actor David Wheeler strolling around Sandy Hook, pretending he’s a “SWAT Sniper."

But after the Newtown shooting, “SWAT” David Wheeler changes costume to portray “grieving father of slain child.” How did David Wheeler expect to play 2 roles in 1 hoax without getting caught?

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10 channels of TV footage is undeniable. The Gun Grab Roadshow does fake shootings every week. Goals include (i) Gun grab laws; (ii) Diagnosing your children (via ‘Mental Health Laws’) to disqualify them from becoming gun owners, and (iii) Stopping Home Schooling, so public schools become your only choice.

Newtown's FALSE FLAG was a gun-grab HOAX to terrorize and disarm you. Just like the UK got disarmed 1 year after Dunblane Scotland's "school shooting" hoax (1996).

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Your video when you mention Steemit I agree with you about Alex Jones.

My opinion. He already won over people who matters trust. He should go all out on these more out there theories. I understood why he said what he said. I just felt it was unnecessary. He knows in his heart it was fake.

I also believe he believes Steve Quayle. He did a interview with him recently and said he agrees with some things and not others. Yet he sells all his books and videos on his website. He believes, he should just admit it.

I think its funny how they had the "Sign In Here" flashing signs, on site so fast. Who ordered those and for what?